It’s summer time

 Just love this video, “It’s Summertime” and I try to play it every year to set the mood for a happy summer.  Well it has started.  The Great American Raft Race is scheduled for our long 4th of July weekend.  It is a long one this year.  The song was also my inspiration for doing the visuals for the song “Feels Like Home to Me”

a ha, a sneaky look at one of our competitors

It started as a long distance collaboration, I had these awesome  photos and Mel and Vinnie had this song .  I thought would be a great background just  like “In the Summer Time” by Mungo Jerry.  So I contacted them up north and said what do you think?  Got a why not answer so I went ahead and tried my best to match up words to music.  Of course that was way beyond me.

Once Mel and Vinnie returned we sat down, Vinnie with his expert knowledge of music cords and most important timing. A few changes  to include  other photos like the stills..  The video known as Lake Worth Anthem was created.  The  music will, and the time,   the photos record a time in Lake Worth that has already changed ( one for the history books lol). Lake Worth has passed it’s hundred year mark.  The kids in the surfer pix are grown with kids of their own.  No more Havana hideout,  The lovely garden interior where the neighbors gathered for impromptu dinners is gone,  sold. (thanks Paul and Mike) The memories linger.  All of us who appear in this are somewhat  older,  plus  some have moved on.  The song by our Lake Worth troubadours lives..

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Three 5 dollar breakfasts in Lake Worth

We are so lucky to have these places to eat.  You pick.  Yesterday was a choice.

Saying good-by to friends is always sad but when they return they will be full-time residents of the City of Lake Worth and no longer snowbirds.  They belong here they wrote the Lake Worth Anthem after all.  As Mel and Vinnie are packed and trailer ready to get on the road again.  A tradition of walking downtown for breakfast was established some years ago.   We found ourselves at CJs Island Grill.*  Yes indeed $5 breakfast  every single day until 1p.m. and the chef happens to be the night-time chef at Suri.  The breakfast is very good.Two eggs your way, potatoes, roasted vegetables, fruit, toast and Coffee.  $5 CJ’s downtown.

friends meeting friends and making new ones

The other wonderful place to have your $5 breakfast is at the Mason”s Lodge aka Mockingbird Garden.  For 5 dollars all you can eat and have it cooked to your preference. Meet your friends and make new friends any last Sunday of the month  this deal is only from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 but they won’t kick you out till noon.  I recommend you bring your own mug, if your environmental.

Now last but not least,  ask for the Local Special at Mulligans on the Beach with a view that just doesn’t stop over our Atlantic Ocean.  Seating can be indoors or outside.  I opt for the comfy chairs and small table waiting area  .  Call it ringside seating.  Now their $5 local special is advertised as $2.99 but you won’t get that if you do not order coffee.  So to simplify your order.  “Just say Local Special, please,  2 eggs your way, potatoes and toast with coffee” The least fancy but then you get this  ocean view.

editors note *  CJ’s Island Grill now has the Little Munich Chef on Fri. Sat. Sun.  after 5 p.m. should you want some good traditional German Food.  PLUS  see the LWAL tropical art showcased on their walls. 

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Summer Monday in Lake Worth Fl.

The crowds appear to be growing on Food Truck Mondays.  Here are some of the scenes on Monday Night in Lake Worth,  the streets vacant and the restaurants closed?

lovely night with neighbors and friends

never seen an empty table here.

flowing water always intriguing to children

not haunted

the artsy shot color composition, not

always closed on Mondays

Candid Camera that priceless photo uninterrupted.

By this Friday  laying on the grass will be a sensual experience.  FREE movie on the Cultural Plaza this Friday !

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red letter day

Thank you to all the adults who made it to my re-gifting party.  Knowing their generosity would get into  the hands of those who would benefit and cherish the gift of a book, Oh the power of words and languages. It the previous post I outed  my intentions.  It was better than expected.   I was a bit worried as adults started to show up barring gifts, however no kids but soon  they followed   also.  I had gone to almost all the homes,  I knew had children and handed  them invitations to my ice cream social, and gave out more invites to my Royal Poinciana neighbors who identified the kids  on their block.  Little did the kids  know that they would also be the recipient of something they could enjoy, a gift of a new book with their name inscribed.     THANK YOU  Elise,  Peter,  Sarah,, BJHawk,  Richard, Bob L, Tammy,  Michelle, Ramsey, Susan + Ozzie, Steffanie,  Tina, Ted,  Lisa,  Mike, Charka, Judy for your time, your assistance and especially you  Claudia  and Charlotte who read to the kids and translated.

view from the East other side is different.

My Library will primarily be for children’s books and was always intended to be. The  construction a bit taller in Neo Classical style, never got the Corinthian columns but there are two sides front and back to  yet be embellish when the mood strikes.  The interior was lined with calligraphy practice sheets.  (Ted’s LFL  is lined with nautical  book pages)

Our consummate reader Charlotte

choice of pink lemonade or ice cream and with choice of sprinkles

age appropriate selection were in 5 different bags all gift wrapped.

I’m delighted to report it is being used..  Each day  will I  fill with more books no longer brand new but what a great collection I’ve amassed over the past two years.  I was fortunate to get the books from our City Manager thinking i would have the library up and running at that time.  However now they are in my LFL  and they are exquisite set of children?s books the kind they no longer make. Thank you for that treasure throve

oh yeah, keeper, was able to keep my used copy of “Where the Wild Things Are


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making regifting chic

Ted Johnson, AnnaMaria, Sean Sherwin February 16, 2015

Everyone has a birth day which we look forward to then at some age we meet it with angst and then in wonder, that we are still here. I’m in that last stage and only days away. I’m amazed that I’m still here.  So celebrate I must.   Ignoring this one? NOT ! Perhaps next years I will ignore my birthday..    So I’m making the most of it.  via making re-gifting Chic. I owe so much to so many and thank you”s go only so far.       I’ve been purchasing books for quite some time knowing that I have and will be unveiling my Free Little Library someday soon. The day has arrived it will be tomorrow  between the hours of 1-3. All the books have been gift wrapped and waiting.  Friends have added to this treasure trove.  My request was a new children”s book gift wrapped.  and so they arrived.   (HINT  World Thrift up on 21st and Dixie has new books at the most reasonable prices. and they are NEW !)  The books will be given to all the kids  in my neighborhood who show up at my Ice Cream Social tomorrow 1-3 p.m.  and hopefully some adults will stick around to help the kids write their names into their very own brand new book something to keep forever.  Only yesterday, I met with someone who showed me a book of Poetry that was inscribed by his mother in 1967  and he still cherishes it.  Now  my Little Free Library will have an ongoing surprise of used books but for this one occasion they will all be new. 

The Back story of my Little Free Library.  Several years ago a friend named Karla spoke of a Little Free Library that was in her former home town.  I just loved the idea , but how to get this done.  I’m no carpenter.  Go to someone who is self sufficient.or perish.  I approached the Lake Worth Sailing Club,  met with Ted Johnson and Dean Sherwin( RIP). They loved they idea and we got together at Dean”s home for lunch and planned our Libraries  this was in Feb 10, 2015  We each had our own idea of what it would look like

combined effort

Deans replica of his home.

We did a bit of dumpster diving for materials.  Dean’s was completed first and is a replica of his house.  then Ted got his done and if I remember it was made of a hope chest. Mine I repurposed from my husbands dresses so I would always have something of his and he was such an avid reader besides being a great artist.

if YOU read this far this is your invitation come 404 s C st. 


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who they are what they do and accomplish

check the time

Women, with out them where would we be, more to the point we would not be, if it were not for women!  Yesterday was a show o determination and strong will power as these women aged,  say 6 to  somewhere in the 70′ , who showed their resolve.  Early before the sun woke vehicles started to appear around Bryant Park in Lake Worth.

always fun to volunteer

This Women for Women race is now in it’s seventh year and has made some transitions from the first.

Paula the founder of the Women for Women Race

Paula gave all the credit to the current organizers.  It was originally in downtown Cultural Plaza and the area fire men were there to greet the 300 plus finishers. Then it went to the Lake Worth Beach which was ideal and a difficult course with the uphill and across our Inter-costal  bridge.   Now it has moved to Bryant Park as Lake Worth Beach is located on Palm Beach Island.  Most likely the issue. (purely conjecture).  Here are the photos from just the 5 K run portion.  Please note* many of the same strong women,  continued and went on to complete the 10 K run.  PHOTOS  not in sequence.

Kids Dash

tracking his daughters progress

first in her class


  • I had a previous commitment and could not stay.  i  volunteer cleaning in my neighborhood. and here is that crew of people who always show up . Thanks Commissioner Maxwell,  NEW Commissioners Hardy and Robinson.
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drag-queen bingo

and  a wonderful time was had by all. I’ve heard of it, heard it was outrageous, heard it was a hoot.    Last night I found myself at the Saint Stephens Episcopal downtown Lake Worth for a night of joviality. At the entrance I was met by Mrs. Doubfire. It was everything and much more. An evening I WOULD  want to do again. The house was full those who wanted to sit with their mates made reservations. This event i’m told is only held two times a year and it is the fundraiser for the Voices of Pride.   Right off the bat there was a winner but alas it was not to be

O64 did it

good try.  She came up they checked and noooo.  but 5 more numbers called and lucky her O64 was called and she had BINGO.            Between each bingo round, show time.

her stunning entrance and before her bustier was full of cash

The bar was fully staffed and ready although I saw a lot of water bottles on the tables. Saw a number of my friends.  (thanks to them I was alerted to this cool event.) Raffle tickets were available an arm’s length and nothing less would do.  More raffles were available, obviously they are still in the closet.

obviously in the closet  (love that hat)

Bingo with the queens

Many made reservations for this night  they have a face book page.  Spearheading  this great evening was Joe Speciale. ttps:// in between rounds unused tickets became snowballs. Definitely a great party with friends for a worthy cause. Great venue but they could have double the attendance with a larger venue.


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