a look back

Even more photos to remember the way it was.  Where will you be this Tuesday starting 11:30 a.m. will you be on the sidelines cheering on the brave participants from our quirky little seaside town of Lake Worth.  Your friends and neighbors making a spectacle of themselves for your enjoyment.  It is after all a circus.  A funny thing happened.  I wanted to find the correct opening statement  to the start of Circus performances to get it just right and it came up on google search with Comey and the senate as

she may be making an appearance as a young adult this year.

circus..  Not what I was looking for but this. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages! You are about to witness a daring act of courage and excitement guaranteed to delight. An act that you will remember throughout your lifetime. Never before has anything so daring been attempted. 

this is a Throw back

still talking about how this ended.

Capt. Silva did the honors at the beginning of the parade

anyone notice the Eiffel Tower in the middle on someone’s head? good sport

remember this from College Park

this is the route


anyone seen these mottle crew>

this was brilliant as was her performance

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heat has risen with first win

we have a winner for the Kayak Race it was Downtown Jewel represented by Dave Wilson

commissioners FB update

before high tech origami

Tropical Ridge at least then gave it a try

n who  out performed the other captains even with interference handicaps.  Remember no rules.  They DJ seem to be the brunt of mischief due to previous imagined grievances as Downtown Jewel brought out not one, not two but 12 very creative origami vessels that outnumbered the field of competitors and took home trophy after trophy.

they performed the Can Can

Tropical Ridge not forgotten RIP

Let me guess it is Parrot Cove

Our hero land founder or the Grunge Cup honored with his own flag


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never to late to enter

Todays activities start 4:30 for the Great American Raft Race aka the Grunge Cup.  commences at the Gulf Club with the Captains Kayak race.

the winner won by a Hare, no it was the Hare

FLASh last-minute entry Brogues Down Under  is in the Raft Race.  It is a swift vessel that skims the surface.  Anyone reading this outside of Lake Worth  your all welcome to compete.the Vessel must be home-made and should stay afloat till the start of the race.  The show me what you got Parade starts 11:30  July 4 Tue. at the PostOffice on Lucerne and J st.

one that didn’t get far

tonight’s party is here and starts 4:30

Girls just want to have fun

Ultimate Master of ceremony


Not to  be confused with a paddle, starts with  one stick of wood and determination

ah I remember them well the village people

Mayor Pam and her illustrious crew,

once upon a  time when no rules applied




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and the beat goes on

the enthusiasm is building and you can feel the tension as each competing crew arrives at the designated dinking hole which tonight is a favorite spot, Benny’s at the Beach see y’all there.   

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a look back

The Great American Raft Race .  Please let your neighbors know if you see them in these photos or tag them.  Enjoy  tonight’s party is at the CWS Kitchen in Mango Grove Neighborhood.  Corner of Lucerne and L  former Cottage.only a few days left till the Great American Raft Race here in our  quirky little seaside  town of Lake Worth 

Master Boat builders

and another leaked vessel

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early for Throw back Thursdays

Its all in the past.   What team are they on now.  This Throwback will be about 5 segments  I just pulled photos and in no particular order.  If anyone else wants to share send them on to me and I will publish so here is part  of the past.  enjoy

captains meeting

Priscilla queen of the high seas. 

our commissioners

Mango Grove’s village people

South Palm Park

once upon a time the bartender of the rich and famous.  taken at the Mad Hatter .

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trash talk has started

with just a week to go the Great American Race”  activities are in full swing.  Come one come all.  Lake Worth will have its 16 annual raft race.  There are no rules but one ok two.

The Ring Master

One : vessel must be home-built and two:  be nice.  So the trash talk is all in fun.  Who has the best, the fastest tub in the water,  of course the theme is “Under the Big Top”

Mr Mackey the Lake Worth Voice with Mike

Pres. of Mango Grove with Commissioner Herman Robinson who started the Raft Race eons ago.

First night party took place at the Blue Front up on Dixie

everyone here has the best and the biggest and fastest

Yesterdays Party was at the Mad Hatter one of my favorite as I love their decor and they also create a work of art reflecting the theme each   year.  A highly collectible work of art.

a Grand welcome for our own Mayor Pam

Yesterdays creation  had colorful Cotton Candy  towered with pop corn.They should make them one of the conciliation prizes.      Tonight the progressive party continues to Suri on Lake Ave.  6 – 8 p.m.   Come see EVERY trophy that’s been returned  and T-shirts are for sale and for the first time there are long-sleeved ones but not many.



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