Our Ambassadores

Who all contributed to this large event.  Just about every person I know personally in Lake Worth lol.  We all were Ambassadors these last two days.

Sonia's friends journeyed down from Jupiter and my friends came up from Coconut Grove

Sonia’s friends journeyed down from Jupiter and my friends came up from Coconut Grove The one in the middle with the hat ,writes the Coconut Grove Grapevine and got me started blogging. Last Year he did a great article of the Street Paining for the Huffington Post  Thanks Tom Falco.!

from Miami must thank them all attempting to find me in a crowd of thousands.

from Miami must thank all friends attempting to find me in a crowd of thousands.

Friends came from everywhere. Volunteers were wearing Official T shirts.  Information had their own booth, manned by the very same wonderful people who are volunteer year round.   The effort went wide and far. Trying to capture all the volunteers I decided to see who was our Ambassador on the busses as Chris from England did such a great job last year .  First person I saw was our Commissioner Scott Maxwell. img_4099So I rode to Tri Rail Station and waited for next bus less than two minutes it arrived.  None other than our own City Manager Michael Bornstein was our guide.  I even learned something that I was not aware of.  Well done Mr. Bornstein.fullsizerender-2 from the back of the bus some lady yelled THANK YOU for putting more busses on this year, last year I waited over an hour.  Such a gentleman, he did not take credit for the xtra buses.  Was it you Nadine?  From another source i heard they loved it.  they took the train up from Deerfield 5 bucks and then the shuttle collected them.  What a dream.  img_4026  img_4041I had my friends in from Miami, yes more and Sat. night we ate at Broughs Down Under and to the $5 breakfast Sunday Morning such cool neighborly thing. fullsizerender-2 And of course the dynamic duo who appear to be on call  at all city events.  fullsizerender-3

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Street Painting

Good Morning Lake Worth another promising day for our Street Painting Festival.  Recapping highlights of what went on yesterday in words and pictures.  It was an awesome day and those captured by air, (AC) of course thought it was sooo ho,t could have ducted into the Cultural Council for their photography show of street painting, very nice.  While here I invite all the photographers again to share their photos on this blog*. Here      is a call to Steve Horan, Adriano Ficarelli, Louise Noaks.  I for one am just reporting in a timely manner back to my United Press International Days. The newspapers have limited space  TV gives but 15 seconds if that much. img_3912dscn0005 dscn0009

This year there were some changes the streets closed earlier. and the invited well know artists had a head start  Friday evening it was great freewheeling on a bike through the empty streets.  Saturday night Lake Ave. had the feel of Lincoln Road on South Beach.

Darla and her sis

Darla and her sis

Familiar faces that we are always glad to see are of course img_3981 dscn4576

dscn4577Enough of the heat, it registered at 75  degrees yesterday.  Step in to the Cultural Council and see the art of Molinari .dscn4586Our local merchants stepped up and sponsored spots and artists.  Like Awe Flowers, then “where every one knows your name”  Harry’s   a delightful surprise Downtown Jewel neighborhood had a lovely entry seen below.img_4016 img_3976 img_3924



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High season in the PaLM BEACHES

Car tags from as far north as Quebec, are seen daily among NY and other cold weather places. we here in paradise are now in full stride.  Empty condos are full, we are seeing an upswing in activities, add to that the weekend visits of our new President, impacting everyone.

Starting as I always have with well  Friday, so lets start right here.

New in LW, see what the NAPC is, point and Mary will give you the Pres. name and contact.

New in LW?  what is  NAPC?  point and Mary will give you the Pres. name and contact.

Friday Feb. 17, 2017 activities. Evening on the Avenue FREE located on our Cultural Plaza between Lake and Lucerne Ave. live music.  Our NAPC tent which stands for Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents Council.  Play a friendly game of Scrabble there say hi to the rest of our residents..img_3696



dscn9591At 604 Lucerne  Ave, the Lake Worth Art League is located  there, open till 9 p.m.  and on Friday and every Friday a” Paint n Sip ” via BYOB gathering starts 6:30.             Gather your friends. It’s their fundraiser.  Support your local artist and ART organization.   Paint a beach bag as a gift or to keep for $35 It’s the Lake Worth Art League’s fundraiser tax deductible. The arts are alive and well in Lake Worth we are told .






6:00 – 9 p.m.  is an Opening Reception for “Mad Pie Girl” at 630 Lake Ave.  the location of  Artisans on the Avenue Awesome space full of  wonderful crafters, jewelers, ceramics all one of a kind works of art. 5_300

Saturday Feb. 18, 2016  head towards the beach first stop will be.  The Green Market open from 8 a.m. to noon.  Right across our bridge and on your left.  (requires a u turn) or park at the beach lot.  They are on the north side and on the inter-coastal. find all sorts of great things.  not just produce.  175

Now that is just the beginning.  Head up to the beach and visit the Lake Worth Art League’s show “Art Al Fresco”  always some new artists joining in.

don't forget your bathing suit.

don’t forget your bathing suit.  open from 11 to 5 p.m.

Definitely support this very worthy cause.  A Chili cook off.  in Bryant Park that is located just before you get to the bridge on the right hand side. can’t miss it if your on LAKE Ave. heading east.


Sunday Feb 19, 2017DSCN1065 copy A trip to the beach with friends and family is always relaxing fun and invigorating.   Sunrise is at 6:54 a.m.   and Low Tide will be at 8:15                                                               Editors Note:    We’ve come through swimmingly Christmas, our first Garlic Festival and here we are most of my postings are always for free activities if not and there is a cost involved then that is listed.

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LakeWorth Garlic Festival

This is the Presidents weekend.  Just down the track via Tri Rail is the Coconut Grove Arts Festival one of the largest in the country and vis-a-vis is the  South Florida Garlic Fest now in Lake Worth.  Tri Rail services both, could for this one day or two suspend tickets and ferry both communities to each others event.  In Lake Worth very large buses picked up Garlic Fest goers from  our Tri Rail station to shuttle stops along John Prince Park lots, and  directly from the campus  next door.

friendly welcome Mel Mark and Tabitah

friendly welcome Mel Mark and Tabitah

Our Lake Worth Volunteers were welcome ambassadors in their Green Garlic shirts .  Such a nice welcome and as always  we in Lake Worth bring out the best in our community.  Tabitha a new Resident seen here with Mel and  Mark  were welcoming faces on the shuttle bus in.  This was a well-coordinated Festival they had previously operated  for 17 years in DelRay.  Not their new home is John Prince park .  The photos tell the rest .

a honda mini van was sighted several times

a Honda mini van was sighted several times

introductions not needed

introductions not needed

NAPC tent showing off whats great about Lake worth

NAPC tent showing off whats great about Lake worth

waste managment, and someone came round and politely asked could he take our refuse, nice touch

waste mgmt.  plus someone came round and politely asked could he take our refuse, nice touch

the heros of the Garlic Fest Chefs. the tiered seating was one of 5 in this tent

the heroes of the Garlic Fest Chefs. the tiered seating was one of 5 in this ten, full house

starting to see these on the beach, only $35

starting to see these on the beach, only $35  was so tempted.


could not resist this photo op

could not resist this photo-op

Thank you stinkin volunteers.

Thank you stinkin volunteers.

full house in that tent

full house in that tent

my best shot of the day

my best shot of the day

oh yes the good old potator peeler now garlic peeler made by rolex. lol

oh yes the good old potato peeler, now garlic peeler made by Rolex. lol


Editors note:

Produced byDelray Beach Arts, Inc & Festival Management Group.  Next weekend is our own Street Painting Festival.    mark your calendars always Pres. weekend is 3 day Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the very next weekend is always the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. 

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Hello Cincinnati /Just a bump

just a bump in the road.  Well the weekend was just grand, loving our beach as I do, however was driven away by the sighting of the Jelly fish,  only to be greeted two days later with an all clear.   So lets see what happened this past weekend. Why, because most of our weekends are better than even this .dscn9726Every other weekend Art Al Fresco is on our Beach across from the Casino Complex building.   Fresh artists appear regularly.  img_3717-2img_3699 Friends are made readily.  Right now the regular Canadian snowbirds are in abundance.  I’ve met them, couples on vacation from Cincinnati Ohio,



Michigan and no shortage of New Yorkers who have discovered our sleepy little seaside town on the Atlantic Ocean nestled between Palm Beach, Lantana where suZy Orman lives.  Last Weekend as the sun set.dscn9757the Casino Ballroom hosted the Daddy Daughter dinner dance. dscn9769  Sunday  was a glorious beach day.        dscn9742  MOnday morning well it was “oh no”        jelly fish as far as the eye could see and 48 hours later the green flags again flying high on our beach calling  sunbathers into our warm ocean.


EVENING ON THE AVENUE.    vendor crafters and live music check into the NAPC tent BONFIRE ON THE BEACH   with live music                                                                                          BYOB at the Lake Worth Art League paint your own beach bag.last week Friday

BYOB paint n sip at Lake Worth Art League

BYOB paint n sip at Lake Worth Art League

(this week,  A Key West Sunset on your beach bag.                                                                   worth your time  ARtisan on the AVenue  630 Lake Ave.  

SATURDAY   Don’t ask what FLOFING  a long tradition brought to us from Scotland by the Dick sister.  Just do it.  Get your tickets at Evening on the Avenue.DSCN4623

AND SUNDAY   LOW TIDE  AROUND 2:30   perfect for shelling and for the timid and recover from Flofing. .


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Daddy Daughter dance,a fleeting moment

A fleeting moment to adults but a life time  of memories for the kids who had a special date with their parent last night at the Casino Ballroom. dscn9754 dscn9760 Especially those that have done this annually.  Daddy Daughter, Mom and Son dance has now seen it’s eight annual event in Lake Worth . It started  at our Municipal Golf Course , now held at the  Lake Worth Casino .   This year the dance  was filled to capacity.dscn9752dscn9751dscn9768-2  Next year pre purchase will be the only way to get in.  It’s wonderful seeing the little ones  grow  , my third year to photograph this was an eye opener as I recognize the same couples on the dance floor. Noted they have gotten taller, no longer carried to the dance floor,  +dscn9762 DSCF2071P1030765dscn9765dscn9766P1030761Some of the shoes stayed on this year and got little heels.  The dresses were just awesome.  The young men smartly dressed accompanying their special date. dscn9763dscn9767-2dscn9764 A guest appearance was made by our Mayor Pam, and right after the dance floor became  a swirl of movement hard to capture with the Twist and Macarena.fullsizerender-6fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender-4fullsizerender-7fullsizerender-5

Editors note  should a parent want to share their photos here  please send them to me.  with heading DDdance and i will gladly post them here  send to 


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A Happy night

Wandering this Friday  from one event to another the words that describe Lake Worth are ” A Happy Night”  We welcomed AWE Flowers the newest business to open just in time for Valentines day.  The Proprietor Patti Sheldon saw a need  in Lake Worth and filled it. dscn9578dscn9576 Less than 500 yards away Paint an Sip was taking place at the Lake Worth Art League .  it’s  a Beach Bag  .  Next Friday the image will a seascape with a couple of sailboats.   dscn9591CWS bar and kitchen, had a  line waiting to get in and be seated  just beyond their hedge neighbor La Bonne Bouche  patrons were enjoying their evening under the stars. dscn9599 social house was closed. and another new neighbor just opened beyond Artsy Fartsy .dscn9600   Then just a hop skip and jump Evening on the Avenue was in full swing.  With Mary Lindsey holding forth in the Neighborhood Assoc. Tent. and fresh popcorn.   I spotted a couple from Maryland, had met them the evening before as they were looking for a hair dryer.

Hi hope you enjoyed every moment in Lake Worth

Hi hope you enjoyed every minute in Lake Worth

Rolando had the most beautiful Hibiscus flowers in pots for only $10  ( I want a few of those)   Then someone mentioned Bonfire on the Beach.  Oh my It was amazing.  Have positively never seen that many people up at the beach.  Live Music entertaining the crowd below surrounding the large fire pit.  and Of course there was the area for children.  All and all some happy evening for thousands who spent their evening in and around Lake Worth, our quirky little seaside town.  OH it was low tide and the surf was gentle and warm. img_20170127_201333296 img_20170127_200743532 img_20170127_200839671














dscn9578 dscn9568 dscn9602

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