we are not so different

“Oh, what a beautiful morning……..”DSCN7254 you can hear me singing as I open the curtains to dazzling sunshine once again! Just the same with you as usual, the only difference being our temperature today is 23, a big difference to your 33 phew!

Here in England we have just finished half term, a week off school and another May bank holiday. School today and only a few weeks to the end of exams and the start of the big 6 week school holidays, much awaited by everyone. Our public exams end this month and it becomes time for sports trials, sports days where classes and year groups take part in sport’s day ­ a finely tuned operation which sees our school with two days, one for lower and one for upper school, sheer logistics, we simply cannot get the whole school out at once on the field and police it adequately. It is a fun day and is usually enjoyed by everyone, there are always those one or two who get bored but that is soon settled by the alternative activity……WORK! That usually does the trick and students stay out and beheve…20160602_144736 SavedImage_20160602_101914_01

May half­term saw many activities locally for families and young people,,,,firstly there is the beach where water sports are provided, swimming, playing and generally having a good time. Much of our local ice cream is eaten, it really is very good! Picnics abound, seagulls swoop, sandcastles are built and destroyed and younger children make copious trips to the water’s edge to collect water to fill a hole they have dug, only for it to be absorbed immediately and another trip to the water’s edge take place. Some activities never change and the beach is a wonderful place of adventure for the children who never seem to get bored!20160602_130455 20160602_13531620160602_111901~2 2

A trip to Barleylands, our local farm and activity centre is always at the top of the list with the children in my family, although I think it may be a change of venue for the older ones as they might just outgrow it by next year! This year’s trip was, as usual, a good day, not brilliant weather but the children never complain, they just have pure, unadulterated fun! What we all like about this place is the fact that there is something for everyone….horse rides, 20160602_113800~2birds of prey display, sheep derby ( an event for which the sheep are dyed bright colours), scarecrow making, enormous bouncy cushions, go karts, animals to feed and best of all, the activity area where there are obstacle courses and high, winding slides (my favourite) and all manner of obstacles to reach them! On Tuesday, I attended a funeral, the last one of three recently. Two of these people were teachers that I taught with in my first schools. Both far too young to die and both very charismatic teachers and neither had the opportunity to enjoy any retirement! A huge lesson to all of us about the fragile nature of life

and the necessity to take life in both hands and enjoy every minute forgetting all the trivia. What events like this do is to give an opportunity to rekindle friendships and to talk and laugh much about old times, and laugh we did!!! Talking of not wasting time, we are nearly at the time for our referendum thank goodness! You can imagine the hype that surrounds this event­ newspapers print of doom and gloom if we stay in and joy and prosperity if we leave, this varies, of course from paper to paper. TV debates show politicians doing their level best to squirm out of awkward questions, then they contradict themselves, then they sling mud at the opposing team, then they come out with even more outrageous claims….it made good television watching in the beginning but it is now beginning to wane…..

Conversations everywhere, in the pub, over a meal, on the bus, the tube, in queues turn to the topic of brexit and everyone has a different opinion….we shall see!
And we had a raft race, good fun and reminded me of Lake Worth!image 4 image 3

Our wonderful Street Pastors, a group of volunteers who hit the streets every weekend to help drunken revellers and rough sleepers have been honoured by the Queen during an annual garden party at Buckingham Palace…how fabulous and very much deserved.

And events such as The Leigh Art Trail, wild wood events have been taking place everywhere…..I love this time of the year!
The little free library project is going well and a huge push over this weekend has seen 8 libraries ready to go, a great feeling, so watch this space for placing of the libraries and the setting up of geocaching and treasure hunting as people will be encouraged to find each library and collect tokens and prizes……..should be fun when they are all placed­ watch this space!image 2image

Enjoy your week ­ every second of it!

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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