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I start this week’s blog with an apology for missing DSCN7254two weeks worth of blogs…..having friends to stay, travelling all over the place, no internet, computers that refuse to do what you want no matter how hard and long you press the keys…all combined to draw a halt on sending blogs or photographs but today everything is in line for it all to come together successfully, so here goes…..

So, just what has been going on to make life so busy? You know that the Little Free Library Project is due to take off here very soon and I have 10 LFL’s to get ready for the first LFL placement at the community centre that is going to be opened for a ‘soft’ opening on May 18th, I have been working with two others to get it all off the ground in a wonderful old church in West Road very close to my home. The church is now defunct and has been for some years now which is why we have been  given the go ahead and a year to get the project up and running – there was a time when I thought it would be impossible but now, if I can get the LFL completed, we really will be opening!!! I will keep  you posted on that one. We are asking for people to write in and tell us why they think their area should have a LFL donated. We will then decide where the first 10 will go……20160511_140244

Spring heralds the opening of gardens in stately homes around England and I attended a tulip festival in Kent at Pashley Manor Gardens and it was FABULOUS…the colours, shapes, sizes and amount were spectacular. Of course, the grounds were wonderful, beautifully manicured lawns and hedges that stretched far and wide with trees of varying sizes and colours mingled with bushes beginning to flower lining walkways that incorporated stairways and slopes, twisting and turning under arches and canopies of hanging flowers…… and the wonderful smells all closed ranks to become just one glorious aroma. I loved it all, without doubt one of my favourite things to do.20160513_143140

School keeps me busy, as a governor of my school, my job is to organise governor training and carry out observations of lessons, a job which I really enjoy as it satisfies my passion for education and keeps me up to date with educational matters.

And the talking newspaper, it was my turn with 2 others to report to the studio to read articles cut from the newspaper for us. It is quite intense and takes a couple of hours for us to read all the articles………one always introduces the readers and then another closes the reading signalling the end of the newspaper. We have to read and then when we feel we need a break signal to the sound engineer and they knowto stop recording and give the next reader the signal to start…..and so it goes on until we have exhausted all the news.It is important that the listener has a feel for the story so I always try and describe any photos accompanying the clip in the hope that the blind person can have a visual picture from my description.

Then it was time to pick up Mike and Paul, our visitors from Lake Worth, many of you will recognise them in the accompanying photographs.20160508_165400_Burst01

They arrived on Friday and on Saturday we took a trip to Cambridge, a wonderful university town some 50 miles from us. The sun was shining all day and we had booked a trip down the River Cam in a punt for the afternoon and took in all the sights of the glorious architecture and sights around the town before boarding the punt.20160513_143308~2 This is a very typical and popular form of recreation here and with a young man doing the punting,the long pole being thrust in and out of the water with dexterity and causing a light sprinkle of water to be released over the passengers seated at the back of the punt, namely Paul and me!!!! It was a great trip and such fun, there were so many punts on the river and it is quite a skill to miss each other, although we did see two people fall off as they lost their pole and the followed the pole into the murky depths. There were people drinking champagne, wine, beer, cocktails…..as they were lazily dipping their hands into the water as they were transported languidly down and back along the river being given a potted history of the buildings and bridges to be seen along the way!20160501_115848

And on to Cornwall after attending a family party in the sunshine. Cornwall is a county of astounding beauty with fields and meadows and winding lanes with scenery very difficult to rival. We stayed in a converted Wesleyan Chapel loaned to us by friends. It is a beautiful building and been converted keeping lots of the original features. It is situated in a remote area called Kilkhampton and contains every conceivable luxury possible for an enjoyable and fun stay. We visited Port Isaac where a tv programme called Doc Martin is filmed, well worth watching if you can find it. Then on to Bude, a beautiful town with an exceptional beach whic stretches for miles with white sand, it is a favourite for surfers as the waves are ripe for adventurous riding of the waves.20160511_133200~3

It rained on Wednesday so we made our way to The Eden Project, a multiple greenhouse project consisting of two giant biomes containing plants from many diverse climates and environments. The biomes consist of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal, inflated, plastic cells supported by steel frames. It really is ost spectacular. The  largest biome simulates a rainforest environment and the second, a mediterranean environment. There are superb sculptures made from the detritus of modern living, with teeth made from computer mice and others shaped from the soil or made from reclaimed wood…..amazing!

A great visit and Paul and Mike should be arriving home with you about now on a Sunday evening.13177148_1346570592026372_2715201406451330477_n

And the piece de resistance was travelling to Windsor on Thursday to watch the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations for which we had purchased tickets way back in October. It was AMAZING and was on for 4 nights culminating tonight with the queen and many royals in attendance. The show really was spectacular and the involvement of acts and tributes from all over the Commonwealth was wonderful. It was interesting to see it all again tonight on tv as the camera can catch angles that you cannot see when you are in the audience.13230335_1346570632026368_2332149730032218596_n

We are so lucky to have the royals and the Queen’s love of horses took precedence in this show with the most daredevil stunts being performed and ponies and ‘aaah’ moments when children took part and laughter as some acts performed stunts designed to cause mirth.

The show took us through the decades with music and relevant news of the time, it was most impressive and I always love the pomp and ceremony of these occasions – horses in perfect formation and musicians dancing AND playing heavy instruments, ponies bowing to the queen and then the most enormous cake and a rendition of Happy Birthday and God Save the Queen and it was ended…spectacular!

And that is what I hope your week is like this coming week…..enjoy!

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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