it’s Monday

And it is Monday morning again…..DSCN7254where does the time go? It is a beautiful morning here in Southend on sea again with those beautiful blue skies and wispy clouds, I love it! The absolute best time about this time of year is that the trees have blossom appearing and the flowers are starting to bud, glorious sight to see and every year I marvel at just how hardy nature is when despite the weather, little rain, sometimes frost, those buds push up and flower no matter what, I think that maybe humans have something to learn from this lesson!

And how exciting it has been in Lake Worth this past week, parades and all sorts taking place. We celebrate St.Patrick’s Day but not with as much partying as in the USA and of course, Ireland itself. It is election day tomorrow and I see that everyone is geared up for this big event with campaigns, events, flyers, appearances and promises, i shall be glued to the internet tomorrow awaiting news of the outcome. I remember years ago helping with election campaigns by visiting door to door and on the actual day, making phone call after phone call to encourage voters to come out and vote. I imagine it is the same the world over, some just accept what happens and carry on with life, they do not see the point of voting and others who are active and interested citizens who understand the importance of using that right that we have to place our cross on the ballot sheet. Particularly us women who have our vote because other women gave up their lives and campaigned tirelessly for us to be recognised in our own right. I love the story of Emmeline Pankhurst, the British suffragette who helped women win the right to vote, I would somehow wind the story into lessons at school in a subtle way just as a gentle reminder to both the girls and boys of the importance to exercise your rights and the students were always interested in how these women, always dressed to the nines in the outfits of the day could possible chain themselves to fences or lie down in the middle of the road!

The week has been busy, I hit the ground running as I had to attend a governors meeting at school last Monday and had to organise a learning walk for governors on Thursday, that entails a group of governors walking around the school and making drop in visits to lessons. It is a huge delight for me because I know how good the school having taught there before I retired and it always makes me smile when governors on the walks are impressed and amazed at what goes on in a modern High School classroom today.20160311_152038_HDR

I am not sure whether I mentioned that I had set up a link between a Primary (elementary) school here in England and an elementary school in Lantana, instigated and run by Blue Planet International writing rooms. Erika, who has

responsibility for the school in Lantana had given me a bag of goodies for the children here which I delivered last week. They were so excited to receive candy and gifts from America and asked all kinds of questions about life in America. The one thing the American children had been amazed at was that all our children in school here wear a uniform right up until the age of 16 and of course, our children thought it was very cool NOT to wear a uniform. We had a big debate on the pros and cons of wearing a uniform which was quite amusing, I think and I hope they saw the merits of a uniform or we would have a mutiny on our hands! The Lantana students has sent photos and little cards which were lovely….they have all been looking at superheros and creating their own superheroes with names and special powers. It was huge fun and I am going back in the next couple of weeks to pick up gifts from them to be brought to Lantana……a great project!20160311_162011_HDR

20160311_155735_HDROn the way home from the school, I drove along the seafront and could not resist dropping in at Olivers on the Beach, a great little beachfront restaurant belonging to the famous Jamie Oliver family.I sat in a window seat watching the waves and feeling the heat from the sunshine through the window and drank tea and ate a lemon and poppy seed muffin served warm and chatted amicably with the rest of the customers and had a thoroughly wonderful time putting the world to rights as you do in situations like that.I even had my car roof open….

My little free library has been inside for a touch up this week and is now back outside all bright and cheery once more with a new light installed inside. My library helper was Holly, a 6 year old neighbour, she helped me sort all the books and stuck new labels inside all of them while we ate candy and chatted about school and all manner of things. I got home last night to find a lovely note from my 9 year old friend Jackson up the road who had donated books he no longer reads.20160313_195555_HDR He and I are great friends because we both support West Ham football team! His friends support other teams but we do not hold that against them….there is a West Ham quiz in the LFL for Jackson to pick up tonight and other teams for his friends, they have to get ALL the questions right before getting a prize, I am tough!

When Holly and I finished the library we had some fun blowing huge bubbles to relax after all our hard work.20160313_122720_HDR
Talking of children, I attended a drama show yesterday directed by my 17 year old niece…..the children ranged from 5 ­ 11 years old and it was fabulous and soooo funny, I have no idea how these children remember their lines. Actually, on occasion some of them didn’t which resulted in huge stage whispers that20160313_154904_HDR

everyone could hear, but that is what I love about children’s productions, they just enjoy it and it doesn’t matter that some are out of line in the dancing or someone else spots mum and dad in the audience and waves at them or they fall over or trip up……….wonderful!!!

So, good luck tomorrow, do not forget to VOTE! Have a great week……..

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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