winding down to another departure

What a disappointment it was on Monday morning DSCN7254to find that the wonderfully beautiful works of art produced over the weekend of the street painting festival were nothing but smudges throughout the Street Gallery that has been so lovingly constructed. I don’t think that I would have had the heart to drive my car or ride my bicycle over something so beautiful that had so much effort put into its creation. I had not quite realized what happened to the work upon completion, I think I  imagined it staying exactly as it was until the next festival!                                              Have you been to city place recently? There are some wonderful additions in the form of musical swings…….. as you go backwards and forwards music is created and if the swings are full, there are 12 of them, then the magic begins and the sounds join together and fill the air. The faster and higher you swing, the music changes to match the movement……image 3.a fabulous idea, and huge fun for people of all ages. They are there only until the end of march, don’t miss them!

On Wednesday of last week we were invited to be guests on Table Talk a live streaming video program designed by our very own Mel and Vinny. Each week at 11:30 the program will be live with a different guest from Lake Worth talking with Mel and Vinny in their home, very relaxed and certainly very interesting. The programme starts and finishes with music courtesy of Lake Worth’s favourite duo.   ttps:// A great experience and a great invention on their part. As the programme gains momentum you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of people who live right Here in Lake Worth. I imagine there are a lot of our residents who have interesting and different stories to tell! Of course the programme is screened live all around the world, how neat is that! I cannot wait to hear next week’s edition.

After the recording of Table Talk we walked to Lake Worth Pizza, a tiny pizza place on S Dixie Highway. Family owned for years, the staff were very friendly and anxious to ensure that we had the best experience. It did not disappoint and we were served with a huge pizza cut into 8 huge pieces, two different toppings and absolutely delicious. The family is originally from Kosovo and settled here many years ago and set up the business, the children (now grown up) working there and learning the trade from a very young age. To watch them work the dough and throw it into the air was fascinating. The mother was on hand to make sure that everything was as it should be, and it was! Worth a visit if you ever fancy a change.

image 7 cannot let this blog go by without giving an update on the Noah’s Ark mural which is going very well and is growing by the day and looking absolutely fabulous as it takes shape and more and more talented artists drop by and add a touch to the sky, the sea, the ark and with each brush stroke adds a little touch of beauty to the whole thing. I think that you know by now that my favourite parts have been contributed by Sacred Heart Students, who have bought some unique images to the whole thing and Sylvia, the inspiring 86-year-old who is unstoppable. Each time she produces an image, I think it is awesome and then she produces the next image which is even better and more awesome than the last piece. We selected 35 tiles to be fired, which is the maximum number for the kiln, and they look quite amazing. They were slotted back into the mural ready for people to see when they came out of the service yesterday morning and created the desired effect ­ gasps of surprise at the beauty and vividness of the colours when fired and of course, renewed enthusiasm and more people wanting to be involved, job done!image 9

The week finished with an art exhibition at The Armory on Lucerne and the community breakfast at The Scottish Rites. image 4 DSCN8693I love this particular event because it truly is just that, a community event. I can remember the first breakfasts which were well attended but now they are incredible with people arriving in a constant stream from 8 ­ 11, amazing! This week there was also a stand selling goodies which was busy and added another dimension to the whole event.  The count was close to 300 people.image 2

IMG_4676 IMG_4670 2Sunday afternoon was uplifting as the first Little Free Library Meeting was held in the utilities building for stewards of LFL’s and would be stewards. It was well attended and Mary Lindsey did a good job of chairing the meeting and getting everyone up to speed on progress of the project. This really is a superb community scheme which has taken off in a big way. The enthusiasm that was in that room was palpable and you could not avoid being caught up in the ideas and positive feedback that abounded. Mary Lindsey is indomitable and will stop at nothing to make this project a huge success. It is not easy

image 5creating something so fabulous a​nd k​eep it going…..I am most certainly in awe of this woman who both inspires and enthuses in whatever she does. And now unfortunately my time here has once again come to an end as I fly home on Friday, a visit all too short but an amazing visit that has been so great and allowed me to accomplish things that I had on my to do list, namely the street painting festival! The new mural has been a superb project for me to be involved in and it is with huge sadness that I will not see the completion . Remember that if you are feeling creative, just go along to St.Andrew’s Church and get out a paintbrush or you could just go along and encourage those working by telling them how wonderful it is all looking if you feel you cannot or do not want to paint.

A great birthday party I attended with about 40 other guests for the birthday of Paul Millar. Fabulous food, fabulous company, fabulous location,DSCN8611 3 look at his fabulously cute birthday gift, a truly fun event for a fun-loving man…. I have made new friends .

So next week we come from sunny UK…..until then have a fabulous Lake Worth week!IMG_4535

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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