Chalk Painting

image 3What a great week it has been here in Lake Worth……I love having visitors because it gives an opportunity to showcase this lovely town of ours and visitors remind you of just how wonderful a life we have here. We rediscover places that we have not visited for a long time and look with new eyes at areas and places we cease to look at because we see them so frequently. And our visitors return home today, I hope full of wonderful memories of being so warmly welcomed by everyone they met, of being invited to dinners, into people’s homes, lent bikes for the duration of their vacation and just generally feeling they have had the best time ever!

Talking of discoveries, I was reminded that behind the Cultural Council building was a gorgeous pocket park containing the most happy sculptures everimage 15. They are tall and colourful and tucked away and very well worth going to see, there are benches where you can sit quietly and eat your lunch or in fact, just sit and enjoy the quiet and these interesting sculptures ­ if you haven’t been yet, you should go….I wonder if there are any other treasures tucked away somewhere????

image 11Thursday Pedlars riding on a Wednesday turned out to be the biggest group, apart from the carolling, that we have had on a regular ride, it was great…..we cycle and get to talk to different people, it’s a marvellously social event, you should come along ­ 6:30 at the Gulfstream!!!!

The tile mural being created at St Andrews is coming along fabulously and is nearing completion in some areas which means it can start to be fired….very exciting! if you have ever seen the process of clay being fired you will know what I mean when I say that what goes into the kiln resembles nothing like what comes out at the end of the firing……suddenly the somewhat pale, muted colours of the painted tie pop brightly and you see the true colours emerge shining and looking beautiful and when they are finally put on the wall…..WOW! image 13 if you feel like coming to help or just to chat, someone is there most mornings, we would love to see you. One of my lovely friends from church who was 86 last week came and helped, talk about talented!!!! She had decided upon producing a school of Angel fish and we had just got started when a group came into the church for a meeting so we had to leave. I bundled up the tiles and necessary paints for Sylvia to take home.image 10..she returned last Thursday with the amazing design that you see in the photo. She is now working on another section at home, this time a wonderfully coloured set of eels twisting and turning around each, I cannot wait to see the results of that. Then we had the children of Sacred Heart School complete tiles at

school for us, the result of which you can see attached, I know which is my favourite….we have wonderful young artists, senior artists, artists who did not know they were artists, visiting artists and others who just come to look, whoever they are they contribute hugely to our project which is going to greatly enhance the children’s area outside the church.

And of course, the highlight of this week……The Street Painting Festival! It has long been my ambition to be here at this time and it certainly did not disappoint. Starting with The Great Taste of Lake Worth, our restaurants and businesses showcased heir wares and it was wonderful….. I was on The Blue Front  stand and the pork sliders were amazing. People were happy and having fun as they walked from stand to stand sampling the wares and taking in the atmosphere of excitement as the streets were also being prepared for the artists arriving the next day.image 14 I watched with interest as some of these amazing people started their images on Friday night to make a good start on what was without doubt going to be a long weekend, incredible to see the tiniest part of the bigger picture emerging, a taster of things to come.

image 7We then sat in Rudy’s bar where the live duo were fantastic, there was a good crowd crammed into this tiny space all there just to either dance (if there was a space) sing and generally enjoy the ambience of this wonderful little bar. 8am saw me registering downtown and volunteering at the artist’s station where food and coffee and water had been provided by local eateries…what an atmosphere, the roads were quiet at this time and some of the artists had started work. By the time I finished at 11am….everyone was in place and the atmosphere was electric as individual or groups of artists drew out plans of their final pieces…..there was not a parking place to be had (I was on my bike) and the streets were filling up, work was taking shape and you could see these great pieces emerging. I returned at 4, this time to be a guide on the trolley going backwards and forwards to the TriRail.IMG_4598 IMG_4588 IMG_4593 That was an incredible experience as I gave my little speech and then on the return journey just chatted to the passengers about their experiences, I loved this job, I chatted to children, seniors, teenagers…..every had had a phenomenal time…it was truly a remarkable experience, and driver Tracey was lovely, she had driven backwards and forwards all day long and still had patience with everyone. For me, the Street Painting Festival did not disappoint, it was glorious…..I was taken aback by the talents of these people, the end products were awe-inspiring, I particularly loved the 3D work where before your very eyes appeared a black hole you were about to fall into, monsters reared up at you, figures stepped out of the street, The Beatles came back to life as did DavidDSCN8286

Bowie, Elvis Presley and John Travolta along with many other famous faces. Thank you for an awesome, incredible, sensational weekend Lake Worth, I loved it and I loved being a part of it……..and more than that I love having our town back this Monday morning!image 8Editors note:   For the next few days there will be photos shared by some of our well-known photographers and  their point of view of this amazing festival.

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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