Good Morning Lake Worth

And how is everyone this bright Monday morning?DSCN7254 I arrived back in Lake Worth

late on Friday evening and am hoping that the jet lag will finally be kicked into touch by tomorrow and life will be back to normal rather than waking up very early because my body tells me it is 5 hours later than it is and I should be up and busy!!!!!
It is wonderful to be back, I love the fact that it feels so much like home and we just slip back into life here as if we had never been away.`

Before I left England I was busy making sure that I had completed everything that I needed to……Little Free Library packs are underway and should be completed when I get back, that is so exciting. The flatpacks look great and will be easily stored whilst awaiting building and storing.

20151229_150643~2I had another exciting meeting which is related to a community project which will be based in Shoeburyness itself. My Town Southend is already up and running but will become huge over the next year I hope. It is based in the Evangelical Church in West Road and will be wonderful. The church has not been used as a church for some time now and is perfect for a project such as this…….it is the right size in so far as it is not a large empty building where everything echoes and it feels impersonal.image 3 Instead it is small from the outside and is just like the Tardis inside as one room leads onto another room like little surprises following one after the other. Beautiful ceilings and other touches like original windows and beautiful old wood everywhere, I absolutely love it and so will the people who come in looking for advice, computer sessions, a friendly face, creativity and much more…….watch this space on this project, by the way it will most certainly be the first venue for a LFL!!!!! I received my Sketchbook from my artist B before I left, I was so relieved because I was anxious that it would be late and I would then have to get it sent to me In Lake Worth image 5and have to send it back again from there… is beautiful and I will start to work in it over the next few days, my English visitors will take it back for me and post it in England. It will be interesting to see how it all goes, some of the examples are amazing on line…..maxresdefault

And then packing and off to the airport…….recently we have been using the Norwegian airline which flies straight to Fort Lauderdale without the usual layover. They fly the new Dreamliner which is a fabulous plane, seats which appear to be bigger than usual and lights that change and dance gently and are designed to create the minimum of jet lag! Window blinds do not exist rather you touch a buttons which causes the window to lighten or darken, a great experience and the best thing is that the flights are far cheaper than any other airline…..

image 4As usual, there was much to do in the garden, with the rain and winds that you have had recently branches were broken off, leaves were all over the place, weeds sprouted from every corner and bushes and plants had grown prolifically. By the end of Saturday it was looking in better shape and almost back to normal. We attended a function on Georgia Avenue where there was art and music and food and drink, a gratitude event co-ordinated by Jill Karlin.image unfortunately jet lag does not allow for really late nights and we dipped out early but there was fun until 1am.



Yesterday was lovely to see all our friends at church and help launch the newest project of a tile wall which will be placed on the wall in the children’s area. It was greeted with enthusiasm from the church members, it will look great! The theme is ‘Noah’s Ark’ perfect for a children’s area. The wall in the community garden was 1000 tiles, this one will be in the region of 600, I cannot wait to get started. Jill Karlin, the artist, creator and friend is a marvellous artist and dedicated to making a difference in the community in which she lives.image 2

Next week’s blog will be coming entirely from Lake Worth and I just cannot wait to see my friends and check out the town for changes and additions. Enjoy the week!


About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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1 Response to Good Morning Lake Worth

  1. Christine Velez Stone says:

    Welcome back! I love everything I see and read about your lovely town! I am enjoying your town from afar by reading your blogs and posts on Facebook…thank you for sharing! Hopefully one day my husband and I will be able to be there so we can join in on the fun and be involved in your community!
    Blessings from Ft. Lauderdale,
    All our best,
    Christine Velez Stone


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