Mild weather here in England

Hello from a very mild England, a beautiful DSCN7254day today that was perfect for walking along the seafront and meeting friends and for getting projects completed or at least moved on! I hope you are well and enjoying what seems to me from the news on facebook and my weather app the end of Winter and the return of Summer. This time next week we shall be back amongst you and, I am sure enjoying every second of our Florida life.12417996_1257889490894483_7016822772478974192_n

This week has been busy with activities that have been very varied and demanding of time but it keeps me busy and leaves no time for getting into trouble unfortunately.
Shall I start with my Little Free Library project which is progressing marvellously. As I mentioned previously my school has created a CAD programme using the laser programme that will produce the libraries as a flat pack.20160124_115059This is amazing for me because it means that the cost is kept down and the project should be able to go ahead and allow the LFLs to be placed in places where they will be both appreciated and enjoyed. I attended the Rotary meeting again this week, I think I told you that they meet each Thursday morning at 7:15am in a local Italian restaurant where every conceivable permutation of breakfast is offered. It’s funny because that is such a ridiculously early start but actually it is quite refreshing! This week there was a talk by a local author who writes books on Science fiction and horror, all very interesting and an excellent example of going for what you believe in….he self publishes, uses his friends for proofreading and other crucial tasks and keeps costs down to a minimum, interesting to hear how he goes about getting his ideas and getting them down on paper in the form of a novel.Screenshot_2016-01-24-22-12-10

The Rotary are very interested in the LFL project and will be happy to sponsor the libraries, I am very excited about it all.By the time I get back to England in early March, there should be at least 15 libraries ready for assembly and paint!
There is also another project in which I am excited to be involved and that is called My Town­Southend…..a website that is about our town and offers help and advice to everyone on local topics, outlining events and happenings, in fact anything a resident of this town could need. The project is based in a tiny little church which is in the centre of Shoeburyness and around the corner to where I live, a great location because I can get there very easily! Not sure what they want from me but I do know that I will enjoy any aspect of it and hope that in some small way I can make a difference locally.

Another one of our local projects is called Southend Soup……this runs once a month and consists of people getting together and eating and chatting. Cost is £5 and for this there is always beautiful home made soup and bread and other luxuries such as fruit cake and biscuits and tea or coffee. During this time any local organisations can give a presentation on their project and explain why a donation would help further their particular cause in some way.At the end of the afternoon every has a vote and the winning project wins the pot of money that has been collected through the sale of food and other such things. This sum of money can be as much as $500 and will certainly go a long way to helping a local charity…..this is an excellent way of raising money that can then be passed on to further a local cause. I was hoping to bid for money for the LFLs but will have to wait until March now as the meeting is on 30 January and I am flying back to Lake Worth on 29th.

I will be going to the theatre to see Fascinating Aida, a very funny trio of women who sing about all kinds of topical subjects.Unfortunately one of the trio is very ill and so it will be just the main singer Dillie Keane but she is very funny so I am sure I will love it. In fact, you can look them up and listen to their music. my favourite is called cheap flights, see what you think!20160116_110203 4

I have at long last started my Sketchbook Circle journal after agonising about what to do for weeks. The idea is that I have to partners and at the end of Jan I send my sketchbook to artist A 20160116_110225who sends hers to Artist B who sends hers to me……we respond to the work inside in whatever way we think suitable and the at the end of February everyone sends them back to where they came from. And so, for the whole year the sketchbook goes backwards and forwards culmination at the end with an exhibition in London. I am slightly nervous about working in someone else’s book but I am sure it will be okay!20160120_143355Last night was brilliant as I attended a school reunion for the first time with students and staff from 1976, my first year of teaching. I was very anxious about this event and had been toing and froing all week about whether I should go or not. Would anyone recognise me, would I recognise anyone else, what would I talk about,it was 40 years ago after all? anyway at the last minute I decided to go and it was wonderful, these lovely 50+ men and women who have all turned into wonderful adults were so complimentary and engaging, I cannot wait until the next one!20160123_203857

and so, until Friday….have a great week full of adventure and fun!12552620_1261535907196508_6269952256803133086_n

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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