the exciting live in England

You have all been very much in my thoughts this week as I hear all the talk about tornados and the suchlike, very scary at times I imagine and something that I hope is just hype on the part of the forecasters!!!!! The weather here has changed dramatically in so far as having had the mildest December since records began the proper Winter has set in and snow is forecast even in the SouthEast where live which is hugely rare! but as I mentioned earlier, the forecasters often get it wrong and tend to err on the side caution, telling us the worst possible scenario in order that we be prepared rather than caught out without an umbrella or sledge!!!20160114_142915~2

Little Free Library news is good and I have had an interesting time with people dropping by or writing notes or leaving books and magazines or details of interesting schemes which involve books. A lovely couple came all the way from Rayleigh to drop off a bag of children’s books all in very good condition and all books which have been loved by the children in my family, I could probably tell the stories off by heart I have spent so much time over the years snuggled up reading them….one of my favourites was ‘The Queen’s Knickers’, a wonderfully funny book which is well worth reading and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane reading it again.20160112_142214 2

I attended a 7am, yes I did say 7am, meeting with The Rotary Club which was interesting and I hold out a lot of hope that they will be happy to sponsor the LFL project, I am giving a talk when I return from Lake Worth in March so fingers crossed. I hope to get the libraries rolled out in the flat pack form and painted which will mean some will be in situ by April, I am so excited by the prospect and so glad that I was allowed to be part of the project in Lake Worth which fired me with the enthusiasm to start the same project here.

I took a trip to London this week to take a tour around the BBC studios, this great British Institution is amazing and hugely interesting to visit. My auntie worked at the BBC for years and years, working there through the World War Two years and would tell us stories of how when the bombs were falling in London they would go down to the lower floors under the BBC and wait for the raids to finish. Our tour took us to the only original studio still in place, a beautiful room with shapes and colours you do not see today. They played one of the newscasts that was taking place during one of these raids and the newscaster was talking and in the background suddenly you hear this enormous bang, a couple of seconds silence, then the news carried on as before as if nothing had happened. Of course, if the news had suddenly stopped, particularly as radios were the only form of communication in those times, it would have caused a wave of panic amongst the general public, amazing!

We took part in radio broadcasts and I was the narrator and butler in a mystery murder play. It was brilliant and the best part about it all was the way the sound effects were created. And far from just standing around in the studio talking into the mike, we had to act as if it were on the stage, that way voices came across as being real!!!! Then it was off to afternoon tea at a the Haymarket Hotel,image 3 it was delicious and the hotel was decorated in wonderfully bright colours with rich designs and unusual artefacts dotted all around, I loved it!

Then it was off to experience the Lumiere London, a project that takes place annually and consists of a variety of artists creating light shows in different areas of the city, amazing and wonderful the lights were huge and depicted a huge variety of different designs from flowers to art to moving animals to huge video games 20160114_183751lighting up buildings and one of my favourite buildings, Westminster Cathedral being lit in a spectacular fashion. This event was only on for 4 days and was attended by thousands of people.image

The evening was made more exciting by Leonardo diCaprio attending his film premiere in Leicester Square which created much excitement and flashing cameras in an already crowded area where people were looking at the array of lights in the square, it all added an air of excitement to the evening!image 2

My Sketchbook Project has started with the arrival of the names of the two artists I have been allocated with and will share my art journal throughout the year, I am excited about starting but also very anxious to get it all right and produce work of a good quality that will inspire and excite my fellow artists, I am sure that I will get to grips with it in no time and enjoy the project immensely. Of course you realise that it means from time to time you will be bombarded with my efforts in order to get feedback.20160116_110203 4

AND finally, tonight I attended the last pantomime of the season Sleeping Beauty, huge fun, lots of shouting out, large bangs, a villain who was booed and hissed at hugely and of course, lost in the end and once more good triumphed over evil. Huge fun and a professional production in which my niece and nephew played excellent parts.A family meal at the local Italian across from the theatre 20160117_165515 4ended a lovely week albeit with two teenagers a little down in the dumps because the production had come to the end, an understandable feeling as taking part in a production such as this means that you work very closely with the rest of the cast for weeks on end and create new friendships and relationships.

So, I have only one more week and I will be back, I am so excited and have never attended the Street Painting Festival which is something I am looking forward to immensely…..almost as much as seeing everyone again.
Have a good week that is I hope, tornado free and exciting!!!!

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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