England here I come

12 weeks, 3 months, 84 days, 2016 hours DSCN7254minutes…….no matter how I do the maths on this one, it is time for me to go back to England and as usual, I am saddened to be leaving my American home……this little town of Lake Worth.

And this last week has been amazing in so many ways. I love that people ask when we are coming back, that is a very good sign! And I love that people are so kind and wish us happy travels and invite us for meals and drinks to say goodbye. I am hopeless and very emotional as I say goodbye, it appears as if my eyes are continually leaking as we hug and say..’See you soon!’.

So, to the week….I have been having acupuncture for a bad neck, 4 sessions is what as recommended and that is exactly what I had and guess what? It worked! It is the most amazing thing, needles so fine that you barely feel them and placed not only in the troublesome area but in other places related to the troublesome spot, not that I would have guessed that having needles in my legs would help my neck, but it did! Many of these very ancient forms of treatment are overlooked and certainly undervalued in society today. I am a huge believer in alternative medicine and find that it works for most things. Where the acupuncture is carried out is also home to a homeopath who mixes essential oils that smell delicious…….the air is always pleasantly fragrant with spices that are designed when mixed with other spices and oils to conquer anything from stress to forgetfulness to headaches to skin problems to dementia…….fascinating! There is also an concoction that makes wealth come your way, still waiting on that one. Anyone interested, should inbox me for the details, you will be fascinated.


Thursday Pedlars who cycle on a Wednesday, arrived at McMow Glass after the ride to sing carols, wonderful event with cookies and chocolate and marshallows….delicious. There was a tour of the glassworks with explanations and demonstrations showing how glass was fashioned using intense heat to shape it and colour it, you can look on the website for times of the tours, you will be fascinated.

imageI had the best time ever on Thursday when eight of us joined The Lagoon Keepers on the pontoon and taking part in the lagoon cleanup. We started at Lake Worth where we were picked up at the boat dock at 11am. We headed  down the intercoastal towards Clematis Street in West Palm. Stopping at four of the mangroves we alihjted from the boat with our litter pickers in one hand and buckets in the other. The idea being to seek out any bits of debris that we could and clear the rocks. All told we picked up 159 lbs of trash which ranged from plastic bottles, paper, lighters, Styrofoam cups (lots of these), netting…..all clogging up the waterways. Each time we spotted something floating on top of the water, we stopped and picked it out. Alas we found no treasure but the areas looked beautifully clean. The variety of wildlife that we encountered was fabulous……at one point we saw hundreds of fiddler crabs all running towards the water, an amazing sight.image 5 There were hermit crabs tucked away inside empty shells that they claimed as temporary homes, birds and squirrels and snakes, all hidden from view until they sensed our presence and slithered across our pathway. We stopped at Bradleys for lunch and sat with very wet and muddy shoes eating well earned food and discussing our next adventure. It really was such a fun day, hard work clambering all over the rocks but so worthwhile! I am attaching information about the Lagoon Keepers in case you would like to join them one day on their quest for cleaner waterways.

Friday saw us meeting friends from church for lunch……such a lovely group of people, the oldest being 92 but very much on the ball and extremely good company.image 7

Mr and Mrs Claus popped into The Scottish Rites on Saturday morning for breakfast and photos….do you know that they collected 1500 toys and games to give out to children at Christmas, and of course….as much as you can eat breakfast for $5, a bargain and you get to see all your friends too! You have to remember that December does not have a breakfast as everyone is usually tied up with the aftermath of Christmas.

Then it was the bike giveaway in the plaza and finally at 6pm the best Christmas Parade that I have ever seen here. It went on for over two hours and just appeared to keep coming one amazing float after the other…..dancers with twirling batons, some in traditional dress, floats of every shape and size, all hand decorated and full of excited people waving, the very best thing for me is the amazing crowd that lines the street….some bring their own seats and grab the best place from where to see the whole of the parade and wave and shout Happy Holiday!’ – the atmosphere was great, a true community event!DSCN3486

My highlight was when a gentleman came up to me and told me that he enjoyed reading this very blog, I was extremely happy for that, it made me feel marvellous….so thank you Tom Johnson for making my day.

12360085_561236754041460_2249579181563468285_n Oops, I nearly forgot about the singing in Dave’s after the parade, the famous 12 days of Christmas which is performed by the diners and drinkers…….as soon as anyone goe wrong, we have to go back to the first day of Christmas again…..it was hilarious but we got their in the end!!!DSCN3461

Have a great week full of lovely things……speak to you from England next week!

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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