despite the rain all was well

Good Morning, and am I right in thinking itDSCN7254 did not rain last night? Now I fully understand the  importance of rain for the planet but last week was a bit of a washout in terms of weather. Even worse is when you live in a town where so much of what goes on in terms of entertainment relies on the weather being dry! We had a friend from Chicago staying with us last week and almost everything that we had planned to do was cancelled but we still had fun and hopefully this week will see everything back to normal and we can start the holiday season here in Lake Worth with our carolling bikers from The Thursday Bike Group that rides on Wednesdays……… watch this blog for this week’s venue to join us for hot chocolate, cookies and carols!

in England the weather has been very wet wth many towns being flooded. Now I know a lot of people think that Engand is always wet but that is a myth, it isn’t and this weather seems to have been a factor across the world. Thankfully where I live in England is untouched as we seem to have a microclimate and are in a little protected area right down the right hand side of the country.

One event that went ahead despite the rain albeit without the planned music was the sand tree ceremony on Clematis Street…….those sand sculptures are amazing and look so pretty when all lit up, you really must go and look and you could catch the snow in City Place as well from 7pm every hour on the hour and it is not even COLD! image 5(our own Sandbansy, as he is called, a local minister has created a Christmas maze on the beach, they appear every so often and a lot of fun!)

Thanks to the rain we went to the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden, something we had never seen  before, it is beautiful and again, well worth a visit, really enjoyed that one!

Voices of Pride, a wonderful male singing group was amazing, we saw them a couple of years ago and they also performed this year at The Compass Centre on World Aids Day. They have fabulous voices and can sing anything from opera to rock to pop to classic and are also very, very amusing.image 4 To see them dressed as women and sing Beyonce’s ‘You should have put a ring on it’ is hilarious! They performed twice at St Andrew’s Church this weekend, if you missed it you must watch out for their next performance.

And I thought I had lost My Little Free Library from the beach. I went down to stock it as usual and looked and looked… library, image 4I could see the screw holes where it had been and looked in the undergrowth, on the beach  everywhere! I asked the policeman who was down there and the lifeguards and the staff in Benny’s on the Beach and just had my dialling poised to call out the FBI when it was spotted and a little shout of ‘I found it!’ was heard from one of my trusty team of detectives. It has been relocated to a spot near the children’s playground….phew, that was scary for a short time but all’s well that ends well and it is now beautifully stocked up again. People are very good at donating books and just on Thursday Steve Facella gave me a huge box with some excellent books in it, I am currently reading one, thanks Steve! There are also book angels around who secretly put books in as well, I was on the beach last week and saw a lady make two trips to put books in, I thanked her as she was making the second trip. The book project is a superb one and worldwide it has created a sense of community even in some of the most far flung corners of the globe. If you go on the LFL website you can look at the world map and see exactly where they are located….you can see mine in Shoeburyness in England as well as many more.

I noticed the tree in the Plaza and it looks wonderful, it really does look like Christmas down there, a wonderful job…….

On Saturday and Sunday Art Project 6312 was opened in Georgia Avenue and I went along to help. I had never been down there before, what an amazing place, full of antique warehouses, of consignment warehouses, of Kofski’s the most fabulously large area of just about anything you could possible want for your home, image 3I will definitely be back there! Art Project 6312 is a project involving Mary Stefan and Jill Karlin, both great artists and both involved in tiles and stone. Mary has run her huge operation from here for 25 years, Coral Stone supplies flooring tiles, tiles for walls, slabs for inside and outside all in the most beautiful shapes, colours and designs, a most interesting place. Mary is about 5 foot tall but can handle a fork lift  like a pro, lifting huge pallets of stone with ease and zipping in and out of the most precarious places. And of course Jill had wonderful paintings displayed in what is now going to be the gallery and where there will be a wonderful new tile wall mural being created sometime next February, I am so looking forward to that and love being involved in those projects. image 2Jill and Mary work well together because the combination of stone and artwork is perfect, Jill designs hand painted tiles to your specification for any room in the house. One customer on Saturday ordered a beautiful splashback for the kitchen in a design that is a tribute to her late mother, a nice idea……that was fun!

If you get an opportunity to go to the cinema, I can recommend the film Brooklyn, a wonderful film, no violence, nothing untoward, just a great film. We went on Friday and then on to The Chicago Pie Factory, fun evening even in the rain, always nice to catch up with friends! And of course Dune Deck is a must with visitors, no dolphins this time but always a good breakfast. And, I spotted Santa in Wellington Mall…image.a busy time of year for him, he has to everywhere!

And lastly, John, the young man I always see clearing the beach is such a nice young man and cleans the beach because he says, he cares about it!!! A nice message to finish on!12355117_1230911360258963_1876296495_nI hope this week is going to be wonderful for everyone, I am back to England a week today but am not thinking about it yet and will enjoy every single minute of this week whatever happens…….

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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