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                                                                                                                                                    Happy Monday and a return to some kind of   DSCN7254normality after all the celebrations this past week. Of course, at home in England we do not celebrate Thanksgiving but have Christmas  as our main feast day where we have our roast turkey with all the trimmings……..without doubt, my favourite meal of the year!   Although traditionally every Sunday lunch in England would be a roast dinner of some kind, hence the French nickname for us is ‘Les rostbeouf’ because it would always have been roast beef in the old days!!!!

But I get ahead of myself because the week started with the revealing of a secret…..some weeks ago Karla Engel and Jessica Angeli Teutsch asked us to get as many photos as we could of people holding messages for the wonder woman that is Mary Lindsey. The only problem was that she must not know!!!!!!! Not easy when you are dealing with a woman who usually knows EVERYTHING that is going on in the town…….image but she did not find out and all was revealed last Monday straight after the Bryant park neighbourhood meeting when a group of interlopers (including those pesky Brits) invaded the Beach Club with banners and a cake and singing Happy Birthday very loudly and armed with a keepsake book containing all the photos collected and many more photos of Mary and the achievements that she has accomplished throughout this year. A great occasion where Mary was suitably surprised and very emotional at the outpouring of respect, admiration and love that the community has  for her………. a well deserved accolade!

The weather has been much to the fore this week as it has been unseasonably windy and wet at times but oh so wonderful to switch off the AC and open the windows and let the air circulate throughout the house, absolute bliss! We wondered at one point whether the wind would be a problem for Thanksgiving as we always eat outside and the wind would most certainly put a stop to that and with 14 of us it would be rather a squash in the house. We need not have worried as the weather proved to be perfect in every way, just enough breeze to make it deliciously bearable……….perfect!!!! image 5We ate, we drank, we laughed and played silly games both young and old together and enjoyed one of the best thanksgivings ever with our most lovely American family.

A huge highlight of this week has been the |Little Free Libraries being erected all over the town and of course at the beach where I am the steward until I return to England later in December. I take this role every seriously and have had a ball stocking the library and then monitoring visitors to it when at the beach. image 2 have met some lovely people who have been very impressed with the whole project and happy to both borrow and gift books. I stocked it up twice this week and both times the books went very quickly, I am going to have to have a large stock to hand! This is a great project and should be rolled out around the world in every town and city……how amazing would that be???? I do have to stop myself stalking the library though as it could become an obsession….I love it!

Today whilst at the beach and taking a break from stalking the LFL, I got chatting again to the lovely young man called John who I have o many occasions seen with his litter picker and a bucket collecting trash from the beach….a nice young man who I know had to complete this task as a community service at one time but now does it because he has lived here all his life and wants to keep his beach clean…..I love that.

image 4Wednesday Pedlars are going strong and last Wednesday saw us struggling against the wind in our bid to complete our circuit, longer than usual as we wanted to stop at Mary Lindsey’s house to sing happy birthday….we managed to wake up most people in the immediate area but Mary herself slept through it all!!!! Next Wednesday will see us start the Carol singing……where has all that time gone, has it really been a year!

And Sunday was Community Breakfast at The Scottish Rites….what a great occasion this is…where else can you have as much as you want to eat for $5 and have such amazing company around you????? Next one is going to be December 12 where you can meet Santa Claus and Mrs Claus……..

A still from the video showing Adventure Island

A still from the video showing South end on sea our Sister City they have the longest pier in the world 

And back home in England the weather in some parts of the country has become very white and very cold and windy, thank goodness the little part of the country where I live continues to be calm and untouched as yet by the Winter weather. We have yet more flights being organised for our local Southend on Sea Airport where expansion has been rapid. The latest destination has been Denmark where the attached video has been shown to entice the Danes to our shores.image 6

And so the new week starts with a return to the sunshine and less wind and promising to be wonderful……..enjoy it all!

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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