as time passes

Another week has flown by…..

..and it has flown, one day it is the beginningDSCN7254 of the week and the next it is Friday again and so much happening all the time in this little town of ours. It is the same at home, maybe because we are all involved in the life of our towns that it all goes so quickly, one happening after another…I would not have it any other way!

This week started with a great satisfaction after the community garden event, always a nice feeling when something ends with a good outcome.

A breakfast at my favourite beach restaurant, Dune Deck, proved to be a good choice last Wednesday as a group of us sat down to breakfast. Suddenly everyone was standing up and looking out to sea, maybe a swimmer in distress we thought as everyone started to point excitedly……thank goodness it wasn’t, but it was a pod of dolphins doing their thing, I have never seen that before down there! It was wonderful and apparently if you go into the water and splash gently they come towards you. 12241538_1217087868307979_6688979455489637111_nThey are such beautiful creatures and an absolute delight for everyone at breakfast that morning even the people who witness this on a regular basis were looking in awe, I imagine you never get tired of that view!

Talking of sealife, a friend of ours who is a diver gave a fantastic presentation last Saturday at St Andrews Church. I and the rest of the audience sat spellbound at the enormous amount of wonderful creatures living in the ocean here and all because the Gulf Stream flows so close to Palm Beach County and brings the nutrients that feed these wonderful creatures. Close ups of crabs feeding and using their claws so delicately and fish preparing nests for birthing, groupers that look so grumpy and are absolutely huge, the colours and effects were mesmerizing ……. and all on our doorstep, Blue Heron Bridge to be exact!

Amazingly, the truck invasion seems to get better and better each time. I have never seen it so busy….the NAPC tent and popcorn from Mary Lindsey, music and lights, children able to play on the grass in front of the stage, parents watching close by, friends chatting, the aroma of the wonderful food……all combined to make it an event no one should miss.

IMG_3926And everywhere homage and respect paid to the veterans of war, those wonderful people who gave their lives so that we could live this fabulous life we have…….looking at all the young people taking part in parades and services both here and at home in England makes me secure in the fact that generation after generation will not allow these brave and selfless people to be forgotten!

12243529_697764803692687_5261197002722515640_n is now Thursday Pedlars and it was a great ride, albeit very dark! The weather was perfect and allowed us to cycle and chatter, catching up on news and happenings, always a new face to introduce to the group and of course, music with Mel. This amazing woman organises music and it accompanies us gently playing…we love it and we love her for what she brings to the group!

image 3For a change we had breakfast at home on Thursday and invited friends over for a swim followed by eats. What fun that was, the sun was not blazing hot and the eating area is in the shade at least until around 11:30, it was perfect and as usual, I was reminded of how lucky we are in the friends that we have……a delightful event!

image 5Cycling through the alleyways downtown reminded me of the beautiful art that is everywhere, even in the back alleys….a delight around each corner if you look closely enough.image 4

Things are not so different in England… exhibitions abound and we have some fabulous artists locally…Sheila Appleton, one of my favourites is now in her eighties and a real character as well as an amazing artist. She has a studio in Old Leigh a local fishing village that is home to many of our artists. Her work is quirky and fun, she gets most of her inspiration from passersby and works in a variety of mediums including clay……..well worth looking at her work!

Another event at home was that my home town is now the proud owner of the world record for the most nude people riding on a roller coaster!!!! IN fact, they are now thinking of holding the event each year now just for the fun of it…..i love it!image

We are extremely good at raising money in England and each year we have Children in Need, a huge fundraiser on television where celebrities do weird and whacky things for money and all over the country people from all walks of life do amazing things to raise huge amounts of money. It is a great event and this year £37 million  was raised….it all goes to good causes and unlike a lot of other fundraisers, the money DOES get to the people who need it.  Helen Mirren, my favourite actress, told the story of a youngster who had been through a huge amount and was being helped by a wonderful hospice who offer bereavement counselling. Always full of tear-jerker and My family and friends laugh at me at home because I snivel all the way through these programmes but I love that these kind of organisations get recognition for the wonderful work that they do….

No doubt this week will go just as fast as last week but rest assured, I will embrace it with open arms and enjoy every moment that comes my way remembering how blessed I am being free and able to live this wonderful life that is so full of love and huge fun……enjoy the coming week and look for the little things that often go unnoticed but that are so important when we look really closely.

Editors note:   as so many read this post when Chris Gostling does Mondays and I am running out of time  I’m tagging this post with my announcement.  AnnaMaria Mail Art

Learn what mail art is and how to share it.

LWAL Gallery 604 Lucerne Ave. Thursday Night at 7 P.m. AnnaMaria images that all participants register even though it is FREE.  She needs to prepare with sufficient supplies call the gallery, leave your name and mailing address to receive an original  mail art from the instructor (if there is mailing time. )  you may also respond via this blog.

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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