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I start this week as I ended last week….. at The Core Ensemble, a beautiful and moving production highlighting the plight of the migrant farm workers in Belle Glade. I start here because a wonderful young artist who works with the farmworkers children was introduced to us and is going to bring a group of children today and Friday to The Gray Mockingbird Community Gardens where she will paint a mural on 6 of the picket fences which will be used to surround the raised beds.                  The Tom Sawyer event next Sunday will highlight the finished piece. I mention this because every event that is put on creates another event itself through people who are thrown together by a chance meeting, it’s quite wonderful, and in this case, a blessing because it was exactly what was needed for the event!!

I completed my Little Free Library, a task I so enjoyed and am very happy that I was trusted to paint the library for the beach location, thank you Mary!DSCN1921

We have had problems with our pool as I mentioned last week and this week sees the pool restored to its former glory, sparkling blue and beautifully clean thanks to the lovely Marco from Super Blue Pools. The guys who have worked on the pool have been amazing, how they work in the intense heat is beyond me. The plastering was the most fascinating part of the project…….young men clamber up and down the sides of the pool with specialimage footwear which gives them the abilities of Spiderman to scale the walls of the pool with ease as if on invisible strings. The plastering was completed within four hours, cleaned up and they were on to their next job….phew!!!! We had heard horror stories of companies that do bad jobs or let you down halfway through so were so happy with our end result, we chose wisely! And now once again when the heat becomes too much, you know exactly where we will be!

DSCN1948Our friends, and most popular part time residents of Lake Worth, Mel and Vinnie have returned…… feels like home to them!!!! In honour of the occasion and in true bike group style, we organised to have a pool party after the ride which has now changed to Wednesday due to all the clashes on Thursday. The sky looked dark as we set off and a light drizzle started and we wondered but we carried on hoping that it would stop but no, it continued. We decided to go straight to the party, it turned out to be a wise decision! Eventually everyone gathered, damp but happy and in true bike group style we decide DSCN1958we would still have a POOL party with the added accessories being umbrellas until the heavens opened and lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, we scrambled out fast! It was a great party and as usual, there were additions to the group that will swell our numbers and also bring even more fun to this party loving club.

We have friends in town and have been enjoying their company out and about. My favourite new haunt has become The Devine Bistro in Wellington where they have a bottomless glass of wine for $6……..and very good wine it is too!!!! You might know that we made very good use of the deal! It is without doubt my favourite thing to do, get together with friends and chat and laugh and discuss and debate and support……fabulous!

And Halloween this year was a blast. It has to be the best Halloween in Lake Worth….Friday for the children was a great idea with candy…..lights…..dancing….Beetlejuice showing on the screen….costumes which were amazing, the Plaza was hopping!

A family affair

A family affair

And Saturday evening with the bar crawl and costume competition was such fun. We had Swedish friends with us and they were mesmerised by the costumes and the activities……a good time had by all, well done Lake Worth!

The big event of the week has been painting the picket fences at The Gray Mockingbird Garden getting ready forimage the Tom Sawyer event on Sunday 8th November. There will be lots going on and as I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, picket fence painting will be high on the agenda. We aim to create a picket fence art gallery which will surround the raised bed area and alongside the Farm Zone which is beautifully kept by the wonderful Andrea who puts in an immense number of hours to create this section of the garden. It will look incredible and that particular fence will be backed with netting to prevent the grass and other seeds getting in when the area is mowed.12193523_10207189781359109_1913653606076526651_n

It has been hard work painting the fences white ready for colour to be added and it never ceases to amaze me how generous some people are with both their time and energy. Danny came and saved the day by demonstrating the best and most efficient way of getting the job done with rollers, he returned on Saturday with paint sprays and continued the good work along with fabulous volunteers who painted their hearts out in the heat of the day…..the icing on the cake was a wonderful masseur who set up in a corner of the garden and massaged our aching body parts…bliss!!! See what I mean, great people around!DSCN2094

Talking of great people finished the week of beautifully as Rolando Chang Barrero, artist of great repute offered 100 of his famous birds to adorn our fences. AnnaMaria, Buttons and I were lucky to go over to his studio and have a lesson from the master himself and learned after a fashion how to create his quirky birds….that was fun, I cannot wait to see them in their full glory waiting to take flight on the fences and delighting all visitors to the garden, Rolando ROCKS!!!!!DSCN2113

At church yesterday the reading talked about saints, it was All Saints Day, and one of hymns described saints as being found on every corner, in the most unexpected places….at tea, on trains and buses, in a supermarket, sidewalks….in every facet  of life in fact; it talked about saints being very ordinary people who do good things in society and this week I have come across some these very people, Danny and Rolando to name but two……have a great week, enjoy every second and remember to thank all the saints that you come across!

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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