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News from Southend on Sea England this week……..  image 6

….and the weather is currently FABULOUS… often people ask me how I cope with the weather in England after being in Florida so much and my answer is always the same, easily!!!! It is a myth to think that it is always raining here, there are places in England that have a lot of rain but on the whole we have a very temperate climate. Here is the South East, the weather is always a few degrees warmer that the rest of the country and we are officially classed in the weather world as a desert because of our lack of rain. When we arrived home a month ago, the grass was looking decidedly yellow, now it is getting greener as we water every evening and you can almost hear the inaudible sighs of thanks coming from the grass roots as the water hits them and the smell of freshly cut grass lingers in the air, one of my favourite smells.20150811_143115~2

As I am writing this blog we have the tree experts in, Tree Fellas, and they are cutting back the foliage and branches that are currently overgrown.20150812_164536It is fascinating to watch these young men as they shape the bushes into recognisable shapes that are pleasing to the eye. And of course, we have logs left over for burning in the winter. The chimney has been swept, an annual event which has to be done……it is a fascinating process and you may be pleased to know that they no longer send up little children with the brushes, instead it is all done with electricity. There is a ritual that we have to go through every time the sweep comes….as soon as the brush is about to appear out of the top of the chimney, he calls us to go outside and watch the brush appear and at that point we have to make a wish so the theory goes, we obviously carry this out come rain or shine in the hopes that at least one of the wishes comes true.

The Wizard of Oz was the Summer Project at the local Palace Theatre and what a production it was. It was amazing, the youngsters taking part have two weeks to rehearse, learn lines and moves and put on the show, it was one of the best I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed it all. I never cease to be amazed by the talent that these young people have, I am pretty certain that some of them will be heard of in years to come.20150811_143047

On Tuesday, my car was in for repair after someone backed into me oops! And so I used the bus to get into my voluntary work….what a great treat that was, I think I might use this mode of transport each week. Firstly, the two ladies waiting at the bus stop were very happy to tell me which bus to get, where to get off and change and the next number bus that I would need. We sat the whole journey talking and laughing with other members of the community joining in as and when they felt like it. I was in Shared Space and changing the window displays within 30 minutes, excellent! It is often good to go without the things that we rely on, such as the car, every so often as it makes us realise how lucky we are, how lazy we have become and what we miss out on…I noticed buildings I had not seen previously and murals on buildings that I would never have seen (I will go back and take photos of them for you) because I am usually too busy driving and concentrating on the road ahead.

Shopping had to be done beforehand and once the car was in, I could only buy as much as I could carry or put in the basket on my bike…actually quite good as I also could not spend much money! My plan is now to use the bus every other day and leave the car at home, we will see how that goes.image 4There have been a number of fun events going on here in Southend….the annual puppet show on the pier being one of them, it was brilliant, puppets of all shapes and sizes could be handled and I can tell you being a puppeteer is no easy task!

20150806_211214~2A trip to the new restaurant Oyster Creek Kitchen was brilliant, a lovely building, very tastefully decorated and food to die for…yum! Predominantly fish locally caught as we a seaside town and lots of steak dishes, all in a gorgeous setting, I think this is going to be a popular venue.

20150811_145347Sea Life Centre with family was fun as we wound our way through the rooms looking at the exotic fish and attempting to find the answers to the quiz we had been given on the way in. Hands on activities were fun and children dug down in sand pits to unearth buried treasure, stroked starfish and crabs with squeals of delight and laughed in glee at the fish that loomed large at the edge of the containers and looked to be pulling funny faces at us or puffed themselves up so large, we thought they would surely burst! Then on to eat and one more last paddle in the water and a quick run through the fountains before home……how we all love the Summer holidays!

20150811_143115~2Next week will be a new adventure with them…what it will be remains to be seen, what I do know is that the children will be excited about it!

A new ancient artefact has been unearthed here, it is a very exciting process and one that always creates a huge amount of interest as another part of our history is revealed and readied for showing in the museum.

Next week I will be in France….that will be fun…..jusque-la au revoir…….

EDITORS NOTE:   There was a sligjt glitch and the this post did not make it with the photos so some may look familiar but i pulled the last post with like photos this is new and current.    

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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