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Are we living right side up, or upside down? I’m sitting at the far end of the lake in Caylus,    France where      the only foot traffic is from the occasional elder whose finished tearing scraps from the … Continue reading

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Not to late to get on the bandwagon and support the arts in Lake Worth.  Everyone has by now heard about power to give, fund me and the myriad of other way you can support the arts in Lake Worth, … Continue reading

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from england

  Bonjour  mes amis, je l’espere vous etes bien et profiter de la vie…….. as promised this blog comes from the tiny picturesque town of Saint Antonin Noble Val in the heart of The Pyrenees and in the area of … Continue reading

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National Dog day

Good Morning Lake Worth from our Beach at 6:45 a.m.   Water was bathtub warm and so calm.  Also the Discovery Channel is out their and will be filming  there most of the day.  Today August 26, is National Dog … Continue reading

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before now and this weekend.

happened a week ago.   Yes our favorite characters.  Below one more time Happy Birthday to Cindy Ansel our children’s librarian.  Her entire family came from out of town and here they are singing ” Take me out to the Ballgame” that … Continue reading

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everyone in the water

What an amazing Sunday Morning in our Olympic size pool.  It almost did not accommodate all the groups that used our pool this morning.  Shifting usage was necessary. Each group had each own program.   Diversity in Aquatics had a meet … Continue reading

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The gift {philanthropy}

A person who gives money and time to help make life better for other people. We have such a person here in Lake Worth Beach, we have many.  This is about someone new to us who purchased a lovely home and … Continue reading

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