the week that was

A new leaf is turned as we  celebrated and now look forward to the coming year.  This past week began with the release of a new book about our Lake Worth Beach treasures. DSCN8589The days that count and it’s good to be reminded.  It puts a positive spin on the future.

sitting behind this car my day changed.

sitting behind this car my day took a turn in my mind set. 

The late afternoon showers made us adjust, had planned so carefully as to what time I was to be at the plaza.
DSCN8633 DSCN8656Missed the celebration but, caught up with our new Captain of District 14  Captain Baer and his family making the rounds.   It turned into an unexpected evening.  Flaming Clay Metal Stone Gallery had their own event, a mini Renaissance Fest.  Costumes were encouraged.

We"ve come a long way baby

We”v come a long way baby

DSCN8676DSCN8679Just following along with what I had posted as a “to do list”, for  this weekend and  YOU do not want to miss.  So, we come to The Crime Walk organized by Tammy Pansa and here then we got to meet our Captain Silva who is departing and our new Captain Baer .  It was well attended and there was a representative from every Lake Worth neighborhood even some from the unincorporated part of Lake Worth.  College Park present and accounted

College Park present and accounted and South Palm Park

not what it looks like, you had to be there to appreciate this.

not what it looks like, you had to be there to appreciate this.

DSCN8690These books Welcoming Capt. Baer and our best regards to Capt. Silva are circulating.  If you wish to add your auspicious wishes contact Mary Lindsey.  DSCN8701

the purpose is to make everyones days weeks months  better here.

the purpose is to make everyone’s days, weeks, years, better here.

we do make a difference, stay tuned for the next walk

we do make a difference, stay tuned for the next walk

Now on to Benny’s at the Beach for the Wrap Party. Back to normal and ALREADY  looking forward to next years Raft Race.  Someone asked me what is the theme for the next one.  OHHHH  that won’t be determined till about 3 weeks prior to,  as to level  the playing field so to speak.

DSCN8731“Our neighborhoods my have boundaries but not our friendships”.  That quote is attributed to Mary Lindsey.  And a good time was had by all as we watched on the super screen recount all the highlights of the Rif Raft Race 2015.DSCN8728DSCN8733



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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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