Book Signing

And the time has come to return to England once more………

But what a great time we have had! And what better way to finish that time with a book signing party thrown by Walter Harper. image

Benefitting from the  sale of this evenings books,the Friends of the Lake Worth Library.

Benefitting from the sale of this evenings books,the Friends of the Lake Worth Library.

The book being promoted is a book detailing some of our most wonderful cottages in Lake Worth along with our architectural treasures. It takes the reader on a tour of Historic Lake Worth in a fascinating, humorous and detailed way…..this book will both delight and educate and have you dusting of your bicycle in order to plan your route which will take in these wonderful properties. The book will fit neatly into a handbag, your backpack, bicycle basket ready to be consulted when one of the cottages is tracked down. It will enable you to be transported back to days gone by as you learn about the method used to build these properties all those years ago. You will learn architectural vocabulary as you spot a cartouche, asbestos shingles, casement windows and corbels …… all adding a new delight to your search. The discovery of ‘The Fat Man’s Race’ way back in 1914 and the PolyWog Market….all serve to keep the reader enthralled. There are even ideas and suggestions about researching the history of your own home…….and just who are Walter and Marion who combined passions to create this wonderful little booDSCN8589

Walter moved here on Christmas day nearly two years ago and is rapidly becoming well known in the area. He  is a graphic designer of some repute, having designed almost 8,000 book covers for the most famous authors around, including Patricia Cornwell, Daniel Silva and many more and winning the prestigious Desi Award (the Oscar of the graphic world) for them.  He has acted on stage and is a renowned opera singer having travelled extensively………..there is much more to this marvellous man but you will have to actually buy the book to find out the rest……..DSCN8580

Marion Cone is a well known figure here in Lake Worth who studied design, history, genealogy and architecture at The University of Nebraska……impressive resume! Historic preservation is her passion and she has been responsible for many landmarks and buildings achieving historical status. She, like Walter, has travelled extensively and was at one time, assistant to the Chief of Construction at Walt Disney World, how cool is that! She has also written many books and held many unique positions….again, there is more to be revealed when you read the book.

DSCN8565That these two people with passions that complement each other came across is a gift for us because that is exactly what this book is, a gift in so far as it is one of those rare history books that you just will not be able to put down.DSCN8575

Thank you Walter and Marion for a wonderful book, a wonderful gathering and for new friends. What will your next venture be……I for one, cannot wait!

DSCN8570Editors Note:   The inception of the “Cottages of Lake Worth” and  the cache  the 1000 cottages bring to  Lake Worth Beach, Was the  doing of a small core group in alpha order.  Walter Harper, Roger Hendrix, Theresa Miller, Pat Parr, Diana Scheiner,  JanetSnearer and the  grant writer for their awarded effort AnnaMaria Winidsch-Hunt.  This then took off in many directions and of course Walter with his expertise in the publishing field did not waste time in promoting Lake Worth in such a grand wayDSCN7256I wish our friend,  Monday guest blogger Chris Gosting safe journey to England and we wait for her next post as soon as she is rested.

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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