What a week

What a week………..DSCN7254

……..this has been and what absolute fun! Who knew that 4th July and all that leads up to it could be so busy and so competitive and so secretive and so much hard work….what a blast!

And so the weather continues to be humid and hot….we have been laughing because with all the activities in which we are involved, we should be about 100lbs lighter when we return to England!

St.Andrews, our lovely Episcopal Church has allowed us to widen our friendship group considerably and we have met the most wonderful people there who I think will be friends for life. We have a small group of women who hail from England originally, although we did not know that when we formed the group, and we try to meet up on a regular basis for lunch. On Monday we did just that and as usual, swapped stories, learned more about each other’s lives, drank wine, ate food and as always, laughed a lot! image 2We met at The Beach Club which is a perfect venue for such meetings. It allows us to overlook the intercoastal and sit for hours just enjoying this wonderful life that we have. I’ll drink to friendship! Leaving the beach club on our bikes the biggest iguana ran across my path, looking for all the world like a toy dinosaur, the kind small children collect and learn the names of before they can even talk properly! I love these little creatures, they fascinate me yet I hear that they are a nuisance and a pest here in Florida, that I did not know.image 3Tuesday and Wednesday were Information Centre days…..as I mentioned last week this activity is huge fun, you get to meet lots of people, there is always something happening, you are offering a service to locals and ensuring that others from outside Lake Worth get to see the very best that this small but vibrant town has to offer. They are always looking for more volunteers and I would recommend anyone with a few hours to spare each week to apply, you will love it!

Now to the really busy part of the week…..Thursday saw us at the boat ramp at 5pm to help test out the raft for the 4th July…..you will appreciate that I cannot divulge a huge amount because it is all hushhush and I would get into a lot of trouble,DSCN7915but suffice it to say I am certain we will stay afloat at least. It was brilliant, we tried it every which way, 6 people, 4 people, bigger people at the back, at the front, all male, male and female….you understand we have to get this just right! And I love the friendly banter which goes with it all, our boat is better than your boat and all that! So we paddled for around an hour, then went on the bike ride, returned and then attended the dance practise in the car park which was appreciated by all passers-by who took great delight in applauding, one lovely young man jumped of his bike and joined in – he was great, we wanted to keep him….all great fun and VERY exhausting! We had nothing to do but hop into South Shore for a cold beer – that did the trick.

Having promised to make dessert for dinner on Friday with friends, I set to and made a Summer Pudding, something which delights many tables in England after lunch or dinner during the Summer months, it is easy to make and is delicious…..I can post the recipe if anyone is interested.image

The meal was great, in fact it was a Thanksgiving Dinner in June, I love it! The stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes…everything was cooked to perfection. Martinis as we arrived, perfectly shaken not stirred got the proceedings off to a perfect start and set the tone for the evening. At 11pm I remembered that we were to be at the boat ramp at 8am for yet another raft practise………you will be pleased to know we made it in good time, yet somehow we did not seem so fast as previous practises….something to do with the martinis no doubt….image

As I read through this blog it appears that it is much to do with eating and drinking, my favourite pastime. Saturday evening was the Past Dinner at The Gray Mockingbird Gardens which was very well attended. The pasta and meatballs were divine, lots of it and coupled with the auction and 50/50 raffle, money was raised for the garden and Scottish Rites, who I think, do an amazing amount for our community. It was so warming to see so many members of our community gather for this event, as I looked around at everyone talking and laughing and making new friends, I was very aware of just how special these times are and how lucky I am to be part of all this warmth.

And Sunday dawns, a bright and sunny morning and the monthly all you can eat for $5 at The Gray Mockingbird Gardens. Again, here are the wonderful Scottish Rites members making breakfast and being hospitable…..wonderful!

I forgot to tell you that one of the auction pieces was a bag of loofahs grown in the garden. Many people were laughing thinking that Brian Kirsch was making of his jokes but it is TRUE….I have the picture here of how it actually grows amazing!

As I sit and type this, there is the most amazing storm taking place and the computer has cut out on me at least twice now….wouldn’t it be awful if it continued and we were not able to have our dance practise tonight!

At home in England there have been lots of events taking place and one of the new crazes to hit is PARKRUN. It is free and anyone can take part, the sole aim is to celebrate the mutual benefits of getting healthy. In November 2012 there werejust 90 parkrunners in the area where I live and this weekend there were over 500 parkrunners over 3 events supported by more than 50 volunteers, and on Saturday there were 640 events worldwide. Each runner gets their time printed on the website….doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, it is about improving……any age group can join, any speed or ability, all for enjoyment, not competition; I love the fact that every week all clubs grab a post parkun coffee or bacon sandwich in the local pub whilst the times are being processed. We could do this here…..I love the idea of it being worldwide and simply for enjoyment and health.IMG_2758.JPG

Off to Sarasota tomorrow……for a rest! Have a good one everyone and watch out for drones and spies around looking for glimpses of rafts being built, costumes being made and dances being choreographed….don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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