and the beat goes on

An  eventful day, as the Priscilla 2 is getting a redo in the Royal Poinciana neighborhood.  Royal Poinciana will be a first time entrant this year in the Priscilla 2 formerly the Mango Grove vessel.  No they are not changing the name as that is sooooo unlucky.

notice those dark clouds

notice those dark clouds

Yes half the boat got dry and the other half well the driveway  has these lovely rainbow colors all over it.  Wonder if the two teams that were scheduled to be out on the water practicing precisely the same time got soaked??  Of course Florida being Florida it rains and then the sun comes out even more gloriously.   For all my readers out of town it has been in the 90’s                         Of course the busiest person in town right now is our own DSCN7951Mary Lindsey.  When it comes to the red white and blue or championing Lake Worth there is no other.  She took over the running of the Rift Raft Race from founder Herman Robinson last year and did a jam-up job.  It will be even better this year, as the excitement is building.   You should have seen her shoes.  Caught sight of them at the No Drama Mama Gizzie fundraiser at the Gray Mocking Bird Garden.  Also seen were these

see where their hands are ?  awesome

see where their hands are, awesome

two cuties, bonding starts early.  I know of two other young ladies who are inseparable since they found each other here in Lake Worth Beach.  Sophia and Lorelei and their gang will have a surprise for us  all, they are entering in the parade.  Can’t wait to see their float. The dinner was well attended with generous portion ofDSCN7947DSCN7953 Mama Gizzies fair for the $10 ticket and speaking of tickets there was also a  50/50 raffle DSCN7950always popular and it ended with the auction being called by none other than our own Michael Chase Fox.

here holding a Yukalali generously donated by Chafin Music.

here holding a Yukalali generously donated by Chafin Music.

But wait we are only in the beginning of our Race Week.  Today as you read this there is a special Captains meeting  4:30p.m.  at South Shores this is where the business end happens, a mandatory meeting of you who plan on entering a vessel.   For the Captain and the first mate only.    At 6:00 – 8 p.m.  for all  participating crews Shore leave .. and all fun loving Lake Worthians and friends  from the island.  Posting this again as some did not know that there is a party each and every night where everyone is welcome.  Wear your fabulous Raft T shirts.    MONday is  hosted by the Mad Hatter with celebrity mixologists, our Mayor Pam,  choreographer extraordinaire Kari Kasper and ice drink specialist Marotta.preracepartiesflyer

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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