summer is here

Summer is here…….!

….with a vengeance! I have been thinking it has been DSCN7254Summer for weeks now and then I hear that today is the FIRST day of Summer, how can that be, surely it cannot get any hotter? I love the weather here but every so often I long for a cool breeze or the need to slip a jacket or sweater on, just to stave away that little brush of cold that comes every so often when we are at home in England, or the need to just put the heating on for an hour to ‘warm the room up’….. I am sure that you all know where I am coming from! I have spoken to natives about the weather and without exception everyone recognises that July and August can be brutal, it has just come a little early this year.

And this week has been a real mixture…..Monday was spent with a shift at the information centre in order to learn the ropes, both Diana and Susan are amazing and excellent teachers, I enjoyed the whole experience, so much so that when they were stuck on Wednesday, I jumped at the chance to go again. This time I worked with Jack, a wonderful senior gentleman who kept me entertained whilst we stocked up, folded maps, answered all manner of queries and generally helped out where we could. I know that more volunteers are needed, if you have a spare couple of hours in the week and want to meet people, have fun and generally make a difference, this is the job for you!DSCN0001

I love inviting friends over for dinner, somehow you only ever have to make one dish because someone says, “I’ll bring appetisers” another, “I’ll bring dessert” and so it goes on and before you know where you are you have this wonderful meal put together by your guests, I love it! And it seems that all our friends here are very good cooks, which is a huge bonus!

Clifford Taylor, one of my very favourite people and the eponymous ex principal of the school in Palm Springs, invited us to tea on Thursday. He is an absolute gentleman and always ensures that the table is laid correctly and that we have real tea in real cups out of a china tea pot…..fabulous. He is such an interesting character and I am sure that many of you were taught by him, he appears to know everyone! He tells stories of when Lake Avenue was just like any other high street with a pharmacy and outfitter as can be seen on the old photos in The lake Worth Museum which is in the utility building. If you have never visited, I can recommend a walk around this beautiful museum which is crammed full of such interesting artefacts, photos, clothes, books……..and there is always someone to answer any questions that you may have.

DSCN7793The best fun was had on Thursday when as usual, we went on our bike ride. We had got as far as the intercostal when we met with our boat for the Riff Raff Raft Race on July 4th. Before I knew what was happening I found myself in the front seat, rowing out into the wild waters to test for leaks, you might guess where the only leaks were……right by my feet!!!! I was soaked to the skin and my shoes were full  of water, but it was the best fun, I so enjoyed it. You realize that I cannot give too much away, the raft Race is a very serious business and we mean to WIN!!!!!!

We then continued our bike ride 30 minutes late but arrived back at South Shores for the neighborhood meeting on time. It is always so well attended and informative. Once again, the unexpected happened and at the end of the meeting we were summoned to the car park of the PNC to practise our dance!!!!!!!! It was crazy, 90 degrees phew!!! Still, it gave us a workout, that has to be good for you surely???

not us exactly

not exactly

Evening on the Avenue was a riot…there was hula hooping, popcorn, stalls selling everything from jewellery to food. The Lake Worth School of Rock supplied the music and believe me, those young people could sing and play, they were amazing. It was film night as well, Dolphin Tale 2, a feel good film that was very popular.1606857_1132191276797639_7020172644040595523_n

A weird thing happened when we went to eat at Downtown Pizza, a couple sitting near us started to talk to us and said to me, I know you and proceeded to tell me they knew I had been to Boston and Georgia, I was from England and lots of other things, of course he reads the blog!!!! I would like to send out a shout to Alex and show you his photo…..any lonely ladies, or gentlemen out there let me know if you would like to be friends with him!!!!image 2

And then on Saturday evening we went to a great party which was huge fun, you know the kind of event where at the end you are still sitting there and everyone is laughing and joking and telling stories, a great bunch of people! I was also introduced to the song ‘orange barrels’………google it, it is funny! I could not stop singing it…….all food left was taken by us to church this morning where we were on brunch duty, the congregation ate royally I can tell you!

And so to this week, who knows what it is going to bring, a new adventure I hope…I am sure! I hope you get adventures as well and enjoy every minute of them! Have a great week……Happy Monday!

Editors note:   Get your ticket to the Mockingbird Garden pasta affair.  If you have not been to Mama’s kitchen here is a great opportunity to try it.  $10 now ahead of time or $15 at the door.

tickets are not numbered so remember to bring it.  Here is mine.

tickets are not numbered so remember to bring it. Here is mine.

Those of you who who wonder who is who.  My Guest blogger is on left the blond, from England and I’m on the right the scantily clad Lake Worth Beach resident. DSCN7256

tickets are not numbered so remember to bring it Saturday

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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