Hello Monday


……..my time here in Lake Worth and it is at this time that I feel most comfortable and such a part of the place, England seems like a lifetime away…..

My week has been amazing…as you know, I was in Georgia for some of last wek and returned here on Monday….and what a trip home it was!

Setting of early on Monday morning we planned to drive for 2 hours at a time and stop for gas, something to eat and to stretch our legs which worked pretty well  until we were just North of Atlanta, our eyes on the goal of home and all the things that come with it. The weather started to change and at first it was just a light rain which stopped and started until the sky turned dark and lightening flashed across the sky putting on a light show fit for a king. Suddenly the rain was so hard and fast it was impossible to see the car in front of us! We slowed almost to a stop and with our hazard lights flashing pulled onto the hard shoulder along with a slew of other cars just like us afraid to stay in he storm for fear of accident…..trucks and cars still thundered by sending up spray as large as any wave on the ocean, not seeming to care that it was this that was causing other drivers to be blinded. Eventually ALL traffic came to a halt to join us, the original group still huddled together at the roadside.image 2

The wind was strong and trees lost leaves and branches as they snapped under it’s strength. Hailstones, yes HAILSTONES, thundered onto the car making loud cracking noises as if trying to get inside the car with us! We sat, straining to see and miraculously it started to slow and the wind lessened, a small patch of blue appeared in the sky ahead of us and some brave drivers began moving off and we knew everything was going to be okay……….late, but thankfully we arrived home very happy and tired…..another adventure over.

Tuesday was my last day in school….sad because I so enjoy the work, I enjoy the children and their funny questions, I enjoy the projects we have been doing and \i thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere. It was lovely because although I had missed the volunteers lunch which had been on Monday, they had a little time for me and presented me with a bag full of goodies and a certificate which I shall treasure, totally unexpected but very gratefully received…….I will be back in 4 months!image 4image 3

Thursday evening was our weekly bike ride and it was lovely….it was perfect cycling weather and we ended up at the beach club to finish off the evening, we talked and laughed, ate and drank, a wonderful end to the evening!

I have been trying to clean the grouting in between the floor tiles, a long and hot job but very rewarding, looking very good! Friday morning saw me finishing the lounge before going with AnnaMaria to FAU in Boca for Real Mail Friday. Most of you have heard about image 5this before….the first Friday in the month sees people collecting together from 3 – 6 to write letters, actually WRITE not type or email but real letters which will find their way into mailboxes all over the place. There is a huge array of paper, cards, pens, ink, cards…….all to used in as creative way as possible, it is fun and I was very happy to see



some young people there this month, one who was writing to her grandparents, nice! John Cutrone who runs the course in The Jaffe Centre lives here in Lake Worth and is quite one of the nicest people that I know, he organises all kinds of courses and events at the centre, worth keeping an eye on the webpage.

Evening on the Avenue was a blast on Friday evening, the music was great, lots of good stalls selling a wide array of goods…beer tent…hot dogs and other foods and of course the NAPC tent where people gather to chat and buy popcorn all ably organised by the wonderful Mary Lindsay. I love the puppet show and never seem to be amazed by the fabulous man who designs the puppets, the shows and pushes everything on a cart downtown every Friday…incredible! My favourite part of the evening is meeting up with people we know as we walk around, stopping to chat, invitations for dinner, drinks…..The Scottish Rites were giving out flags to everyone and image 6inviting us to attend a big flag day event next Sunday 14 June in Bryant Park at 6pm….this should be a good event and a chance to show some patriotism, I love that. If the time of this event is different I will ask AnnaMaria to post the new time.

On Saturday morning, I cycled into town to check on Retro Jetro….a hugely fun project which I love and have become a maniac about, I cannot walk downtown without my eyes darting all over the place to see if someone has missed a plaster retro car or tiki man….and the huge excitement when I spot one! I love this project and I am trying to catch the artist putting them out!

And finally this morning I was at St Andrews for the 10 o clock service……wonderful music and singing, a lovely congregation….my turn to read, something I am always happy about when asked but feel nervous when the time comes….as usual it went okay, no more until I come back so I can breathe easy.image

This week we are off to Boston for 3 days to see Bette Midler in concert, I am hugely excited about that…..report back next week.

Meanwhile take care and enjoy the week in our wonderful town…….

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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