McMow hosting Master Mosaicist.

Martin Cheek here for a two-day mosaic workshop,  a master mosaicist.  There are about 20 some very lucky artisans who signed up for this privilege of  getting personal instruction from Martin Cheek.  This is no ordinary class.  they will be working with glass, milliefiori and slumped glass pieces.  Their  imagination pulls it all together.  P1030573  Martin teaches  the world over and takes class tours to mosaic rich countries, where he is welcomed in some of the oldest historic well-known mosaic  studios.  (the Euro just took a dive a few days ago so, have a look at his web site and travel abroad to study with him.)  He teaches beginners to Master Classes.  His taken the art form of mosaics to the next level by introducing glass fusion which a whole new ballgame.

P1030577 2

the interpretation of the image on right.

Martin Cheek hails from England.  Lives in the seaside town of Broadstairs.  Martins home is a Georgian built-in 1720 and right next door, is the home of Charles Dickens.

Another tidbit, he was a winner on the English version of “the Weakest Link.”  and won.

He has published several books on Mosaics.  I picked up one at McMow and was impressed.  It is not just a how to book with some great photos of his work.  The book leaves you with challenges.   All those lucky enough to have been in this workshop  these past two days have something to carry them further into the world of mosaics.

McMow did great getting someone of such a reputation to come to Florida in the winter time.  As the Brits say “well done”

Any and all items relating to Mosaics, be it tile, glass or fusion can be purchased right here in their Showroom studio on Dixie Hwy.   Ask for one of Martin’s books it is easy to understand and full of useful information, it does not intimidate, as I mentioned it nudges you to create. I thank the class for allowing me to take photos.  McMow  has  classes and is full service.  Located on the north-west corner at 701 N. Dixie Hwy.  white corner building.P1030599 P1030605P1030597P1030575 P1030614


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2 Responses to McMow hosting Master Mosaicist.

  1. says:

    Hi, Sounds interesting.Susi Sax


  2. Jane Wright says:

    Very nice write up! It was truly great to be a part of his class and I am hoping that McMow will invite him again, The sooner the better for me!


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