this past weekend.

What did you do on your “summer vacation” or this past  “mega art weekend”.  This will be helpful for when it comes round again next year.  Having me myself and I, would have been ideal.  Art Palm Beach is an annual event and of course every art organization wants to participate “Look at Me” due to their not-for-profit status, get space deserving and not.  I will try to stay focused and fair.  As an art critic, art writer, recommended out of NY for my past work as critic analyzing  art. I tell it like it is, but this is a fluff piece so I’ll address it as a  guide rather than a critic.  (Can’t help myself at times.)

Love this artists distinct style.. Froncois Anton   "La Demande en Mariage"

Love this artists distinct style.. Froncois Anton “La Demande en Mariage”

Lake Worth experienced an art happening the likes it has never had before.  The Benzeiten hot shop opening Friday night.   Sitting in its morning shadow, is the Clay Glass Metal Stone studio warehouse just 50 feet west, for working artists in the 3D field primarily working in clay.  It could not have been a better evening for both.  Art Palm Beach was of course a must,  just up the road 12 min. or just 8 miles away.

Art Palm Beach 2015

Art Palm Beach 2015

Saturday was spent at Art Palm Beach.  What was new?  Well resin made a big showing. A highly toxic medium for the artist and everything seemed to have  a shine to it. First day I leave the camera at home so as to truly see the art.  You can’t see it all in one trip and sometimes I tend to look for my favorite artists and see, what new work they have. First day I went to see with artist Louis Noaks. of the Arts Lofts.   My houseguest went on to the Boynton Beach Art compound ,10945604_10205847624737952_7655770749718201768_n eclectic group of artists in warehouse spaces holding their own art openings in the evening.  Sunday a day with my houseguest.  Ironically she was one of the first artist to work in  resin before anyone actually used it in art or heard of it. Irmaly Brackin and I went to Art Palm Beach and en route, visited two of the Artists Lofts as they have their last Sunday of the Month open house.P1030346 P1030349  It goes without saying you can’t do it all and regardless where you end up and  at whose show, you will meet patrons you know and every artist you have ever known.

artist from Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery

artist from Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery

This is where some of the  inspiration comes from.  admiring a fellow artists work.  I’m fairly traditional and  check out draughtsmanship, quality, no gimmicks for me.   Also take in a lecture or so offered.  The lecture on Pilchuck , was spot on and they will soon be immortalized in a Theatre near you soon.  Pilchuck was just right for this years Art Palm Beach, as beside resin, there was lots of glass at ArtPalm Beach and with the hotshop at Benzeiten Lake Worth Beach, well the stars converged .                                                             Art didn’t stop there, getting home  and checking  messages  I found this on my computer.  My heart took a leap. It covered two things. an art form I dearly love and two, the need to have artists teach and hold workshops.   Sounds familiar in Lake Worth?  As currently artist Elise Cronin is attempting to share her spiritual art, from her home studio.  We do not have a many resources.  Should you want to see mail art. we have in our Lake Worth Historical Museum a collection of centennial Mail Art,    Ask our Librarian Vicki, to show you our treasure throve of mail art.  MOMA’s current offering are workshops includes mail art.  (Lake Worth Beach had free Mail Art classes this past 2014 at the Shuffleboard courts. )

from MOMA collection

from MOMA collection

Discover surprising new artistic mediums at MoMA this winter. Artist-Led Workshops are a great way to experiment while learning from contemporary artists

Explore the history and making of mail art. Join Zanna Gilbert for a viewing of mail art in MoMA’s Library and David Horvitz for a hands-on art making session. Participants, will receive an object made by the instructors through the mail prior to the workshop.

 While satisfying my passion for art I still found time to volunteer along with my neighbors and friends in the Royal Poinciana neighborhood.  Not everyone that came out to assist in the neighborhood clean up is pictured here.    P1030254P1030201P1030271P1030278

someone got up a bit  earlier than usual  :)

someone got up a bit earlier than usual 🙂

Thank you  ALL for volunteering.   There was more, a wonderful Paella Dinner supporting the Cottages of Lake Worth.  

P1030329 P1030330 P1030326 As Art Palm Beach is an important annualevent,  with area Co-ops and galleries piggy backing and showcaseing their strongest artists.   It’s best to set aside several days and see one show per day.  Each venue has an opening reception and they are spread out over several days and around Palm Beach County.  Everything is for sale, if you have to ask you most likely can’t afford it, but looking is free and fun.   Also go on line and find free tickets to the main event.


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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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