The Ultimate Christmas 2014

This morning was one of those awesome times when you know the system works just right. David Sarris became a home owner in Royal Poinciana.  This was the 41st home-built by Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity has built 184 homes in Palm Beach County.

Habitat has chosen to work with our CRA  and Habitat recently received $539,000 YES. !  The funds come from the Florida Mortgage Settlement Fund.  And  YES, Habitat opted to spend that entire amount $539,000 in our fair city  of Lake Worth Beach.  If your interested about NSP@ Consortium which was awarded $23,2 M linkDSCN2979

This morning  was especially gratifying as David comes from the foster care program and getting a key to his very own home has to be especially touching.  He is a full-time student at PBSC and holds down a job with Village of Hope.  Madelyn McKendry of the CRA welcomed him in tears.  She also received her very first home in NYC in a lottery of 4,000 hopefuls.  A tearful moment, we’ve seen many in these past two years.  Our Mayor Pam Triolo also welcomes the new homeowner with tears.

Valdez family

Valdez family

The home dedication  “Welcome” is given by Bernard Godek Habitat CEO .  Then we are introduced to the home owners and we learn a bit about their struggle to get to this point.   They must be debt free, and put in 300 equity hours either at one of the Habitat ReStores and on the actual house site.  Each homeowner is gifted a quilt by the Palm Beach Quilters .  Also Palm Beach Garden Club assists with planting the yard via the grant they have from the Chastain Foundation.

Steiner-Schafer dedication Oct. 17

Steiner-Schafer dedication

They are also all welcomed by the Royal Poinciana Pres.  Sarah Parr with a home-made pie by Victoria of Clary’s Corner Cafe. DSCN2961 One of the moving moments is when a hands on prayer is given for the new house.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These are all Royal Poinciana dedications as most of the homes  currently appear to be under construction in this neighborhood.  Several are half way done and its full speed ahead.  They used to be made of wood and now the construction is CB construction.

400 block D st. is under way without a designated recipient

400 block D st. is under way without a designated recipient

and one morning 8:30 a.m. construction was under way with Volunteers from PBSC  . DSCN0227 (1) The Valdez Family will have a particularly great christmas as they have been adopted by this school.  DSCN1579An awesome holiday for all the new homeowners with many thanks going to our community and to all the volunteers and corporations, that stepped up and assisted in the construction of these homes.DSCF6075   Fast friends they all worked on each others homes.


For information on Habitat   this is their link.


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1 Response to The Ultimate Christmas 2014

  1. Debra Robert says:

    What fantastic coverage of a happy occasion. We are all in this life together and nothing says it like helping those who need just a little chance in order to shine on their own. Hooray for the new homeowners! WELCOME HOME!
    Wonderful news — thanks for posting!


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