Happy Monday Morning in aimage beautifully sunny, clear skied Lake Worth.

After the weather last week I began to wonder if we were ever going to get back to normal particularly as we had English visitors who were arriving last Saturday….we pored over weather channels hoping for a glimmer of hope but they all said the same, rain and lower temperatures. Well, you cannot change the weather so we looked at all our alternatives for good and bad weather but we need not have worried…….Saturday evening saw us pick up our friends from the airport, it was dry and a warm breeze was in evidence…lovely and so far so good. Sunday morning started with blue skies peeping through the cloud, temperatures of 80 and perfect day followed……I think our visitors are in for a fabulous week and will not want to leave this gorgeous city of ours come next Sunday!

10402567_983855288297906_4638232555920432528_nThe weather makes such a difference to everyone and it always makes me smile here when at 70 degrees we see ‘Snuggle Alert’ pop up on the weather report….we know of course that in English terms 70 is lovely and a very bearable temperature but here it almost constitutes Winter has arrived. I have to admit that we did have to wear at least two layers of clothes at one point and the AC was off for a few days with the windows open and a delightful breeze wafting throughout the house….gorgeous! And we have  had Archie the parrot back this week….. no joy in teaching him to say happy holiday or thank you before his owner picks him up again, we enjoy the bird sitting, he is such a character. I read in the newspaper this morning of a Tokyo based firm which has come up with spherical houses which are beautiful to look at and most amazingly of all can be lowered into the sea when bad weather strikes and lifted out when the weather has passed….. interested to see how that all pans out!

School was great last week with children very excited about Thanksgiving and the thought of a holiday looming albeit a short one. There was also harvest festival, something I always enjoy at home, I like the idea of the fresh food and the sentiments behind the tradition. I love that we have food collections here to help those who may be struggling to have enough to eat and I LOVE the wonderful people here who give up immense amounts of time to prepare, cook and serve meals on Thanksgiving to those who have no families, who are homeless or just plain lonely. I know that the wonderful Farmer Girl do this every year and we did go and help one year, it was amazing because some people opted to go there just because of the great atmosphere and insist on paying, they simply want to be in the midst of something which feels good. I have friends who are helping at the Braille club here in Lake Worth, they will be up very early to peel thousands of potatoes and prepare all the food for the blind people who come each year to be served and spoiled just as they deserve to be! We had Festival at our church of St Andrews yesterday….you should have seen the most glorious fruit and vegetables that were there, all locally grown….. there were tables of goodies made by our parishioners from cakes to quiche to Christmas tree decorations and gifts…..all sold and a tidy sum made for charity, that is what Sundays are all about and at St Andrews Sundays are always like that, a total joy!

image 2I am loving the black and white photograph challenge that is taking place on facebook at the moment, the photos that are emerging are phenomenal and my contributions not nearly as good as others but I am enjoying looking for my subjects….3 more to go! The 5 photographs which make you smile project is another great one, I look at the photos which people choose and invariably I find myself smiling as well!

Talking about facebook, it gets a lot of bad press and I guess some of that is well founded but on the whole, I love it! I enjoy seeing what my friends are up to when I am here and I know they enjoy seeing my life here, it is also a source of huge information on all out any topic, news can be broadcast very quickly and solutions to problems found instantly! People tend to be very giving and Iknow that help is often given to those in need following a plea on facebook. Used correctly this social site is a most ingenious invention………..as with all technology it is open to abuse and this is where I find it difficult to accept and have often deleted sites which cause problems.

DSCN0223After a great Thursday Pedlars we all went to South Shores for a Mango Grove get together and meeting.  The local PBSO always attend a and go through both the crimes committed recently and the outcome so far of the follow up on these crimes. They are always full of good advice and very helpful, and anxious to lower the crime rate here……they were telling us that here in Lake Worth we have the highest number of police officers which in some respects instils confidence in our safety. Amazingly enough, they related many crimes committed where car doors had been left unlocked, front doors to houses unlocked, side gates leading to the yard and windows left open when the house is empty……all invitations to criminals to try their luck!

trust your gut feeling if you see something amiss

trust your gut feeling if you see something amiss

  Certainly made me think, although we are pretty good I think and never leave the house without setting the alarm! Neighbourhood meetings serve many purposes and allow you to get to know your neighbours, share concerns and just generally enjoy the company of people you would not otherwise have met. If you have not attended one in your area, I strongly advise you to look out for the next one and go. Whilst at the neighbourhood meeting, we noticed that the lights are going up in the trees in the Plaza and they look FAB-U-LOUS! Whoever put the lights up that look just like a reindeer is very creative!!!! Keep them coming….

DSCN1956The Gallery opening on Lucerne was amazing and absolutely jam packed with people who were from all walks of life, a wonderfully colourful and interesting affair, I am certain that the gallery will be a huge success. Go and take a look if you have not done so already…you will find everything  from the gorgeous fluffy hearted rug that greets you just inside the door to pottery washing on a line…..to jewellery….to paintings…to the amazing trash fashions by Aidana, clothes made from inner tubes and old tyre and bags to match!     Today we go to the beach for the day   DSCN1065 copyimage and show of our local life to our visitors, my favourite thing to do…..particularly as England is now frosty in the morning and chilly during the day, which of course, is beautiful to see…   …..and we are still basking in sunshine.

And that is how I hope your week will be …. full of sunshine and lovely things, have an amazing Thanksgiving.

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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