Happy Lake Worth Monday

Everyone…..the weather is so fabulous, just perfect!     image Exactly how it should be every day, the sun just at the right strength, slight wind brushing your face and just the right amount of rain to keep the plants and flowers smiling…..I worked in school twice this week and it was great, new projects that capturedthe imagination of the students and enthusiasm that abounded ….feel good experience!image 7

Anyone who has not been to trivia at South Shores on Monday should go, it is such fun. 20 questions with a song played in between each one, answers to be completed before the end of the song….just about right. Our team grew visibly as friends came in…we came second! We lost on the question of who was the father of Cyclops grrrr! The question is, would you have been able to answer it???? It was all such fun, it would not have mattered if we had come last….the food is good and the bar bites are plentiful and well priced.See you there……

For the second time since we have been here we spent a day at the beach with our visitor from Chicago, funny how you do not always appreciate what you have on the doorstep until you have visitors and they love it! It is the same at home in England, we live very close to the beach and Rio not spend enough time there, seen th2r2ought the eyes of visitors you begin to realise how wonderful it all is……I think we will be spending more time at the beach somehow!

image 6I am not sure who has heard of it but we were introduced to The Green Cay Nature Wetlands this week, it was amazing, in Boyton Beach and a huge area with purpose-built walkways over swamps and wetlands where birds, alligators, butterflies and an amazing  array of wildlife abounds. At every turn there was something else that we had never seen, The Zebra Longail, a Florida butterfly, spoonbills, alligators, well worth the visit…As we were leaving we were told of another wetland very close by…Wakodahatchee, every bit as good as The Green Cay, just more established as it has been created first.

image 9Last Saturday was the ‘big count’ a migration day at Green Cay where people were encouraged to attend and count as many different types of bird as possible, keeping a list as they spotted each one…..they do this every year and it is a way of keeping track of the birds from the area. Last Saturday 46 species of bird were noted……WOW!

Thursday Pedlars were great and we grew by 3 more pedlars this week, it was so nice cycling down the roads as a group, everyone calls out and waves hello, it is such a good experience…….now that it is dark when we ride it looks magical as the bikes have twinkling lights of all colours woven around their bikes…..again, anyone who likes cycling should come and join us, it is healthy as well as a good way of keeping fit!!!! Maybe see you there this week….

18 peddlers and one longboard skater joined us.

18 peddlers and one longboard skater joined us.

Mel and Vinnie, our very own music duo are quite two of my favourite people, I love to hear the play and sing, it always makes me smile, they sound so happy to be together and ‘it feels like home to me’ their very own song all about our very own Lake Worth is a toe taper and a song that will have you singing and tapping your toes whether you want to or not………they appear to always carry their guitars with them as at the drop of a hat they are ready to entertain………amazing! If you hear of them performing anywhere, take my advice…go and see them.imgres

On Saturday, the  community painting project at the armory annexe on Lucerne was both well attended and a lot of fun. A huge project but one that will make the armory stand out as a beautifully colourful building that is without a centre of excellence for the arts. It will however, take weeks for the project to be finished…..anyone is welcome to help, I guess all you have to do is pick up a  brush, try it!image

Further down the road in West Palm…..a street painting event with a difference was going on…huge paintings by numbers were available to be painted by anyone who had time to stop and paint…a wonderful idea. The tree was lit and the first snow of the season fell (fake of course and part of the Christmas programme that is put on every year!)………and one last thing ….  image 5                                                I forgot to tell you last week about going to Cocktails and Culture at The Colony Hotel to listen to James Patterson, the author…great hotel, great cocktails and canapés and a very, very good interview with JP. They advertise these events at The Cultural Council, well worth looking out for..

This ends another fabulous week here in Lake Worth, quite my favourite place to be….enjoy!!!!

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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