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Good Morning Lake Worth Bloggers     image and what fabulous weather we are experiencing at the moment, it is perfect and so delicious to be out and about in.

Just before I left England I promised to let you know how the trip to Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London went, and I never did… here it is.

The train station Tower Hill where we alight in London, leads directly to The Tower of London, a beautiful sight in any weather and a building which dates back to 1066, a very old building originally built by William the Conqueror…phew!!!

This year is a special year in England and we, like many other countries commemorate 100 years since The First World War. To mark this very special occasion 888,246 porcelain poppies have been made and planted to commemorate each and every soldier from Britain and the Commonwealth Countries, who lost their lives for this cause.     image copy 3Volunteers have been planting the poppies for months now and when I went back in early September, as you can see from the photos, their was plenty of space left. Now, two weeks from Armistice Day on November 11th, there is barely any ground to be seen, between now and then, the rest of the poppies will be planted to make up the full number.    10365769_969272943089474_1546032080482925595_n It is a huge undertaking and one which is a sight to behold. Volunteers have also been recruited to pick the poppies after the 13 November ready to be posted to all those, me being one of them, who have ordered poppies. Money made from the sale of the poppies will go the charities which support fallen soldiers and those injured in conflict.

jpegWe went on to Buckingham Palace from the Tower where the exhibition this year is ‘Royal Childhood’…..amazing. Firstly the palace itself is very imposing and is a wonderful sight in any weather. As you go through the rooms in the palace you see at first hand just how huge the building is, and just how amazing it must be yo call a building of this size home! I recall a television programme where on e of the royal princes was describing his childhood in the palace and talking about riding his bike through the corridors, I can imagine that happening.

The exhibition was marvellous, full of childhood toys made to order, mini caravans and cars as gifts from the big companies….a playhouse in the garden that some people would be happy to live in year round, let alone have it as a plaything. The old movies are amazing and something I loved because it portrayed the family just as that, a family. the Queen and Prince Philip, playing with the children, larking around as well do with children, taking the opportunity to retreat into the world of childhood and just having good old fun!!

tableState Banquets are organised down to the smallest detail with the queen checking everything herself before the event from the colour and carnage net of flowers to the placement of the cutlery. Imagine having to lay a table for a hundred guests where each place has to be exactly the same measurement apart, where knives and forks have to be in the straightest line as one looks down the table, glasses and napkins placed just so, the holding in of your breath as your work is scrutinised and measured and the huge sigh of relief as a ‘well done’ is given. Not something I would relish doing….

And then , I returned here to my lovely Lake Worth and the lovely people who always make the stay so enjoyable. So last week was busy as usual, the bike ride on Thursday is taking place on aimage

regular basis now the rain has stopped. It is always so nice to cycle with friends, each week someone new seems to join us and brings a new dimension to the group. The youngest members are 10 years old and enjoy it as much as we do, although they often make a short cut where we take the long way round! Often we will stop off at someone’s house at the end of the ride and sit and chat and drink and swim and eat and have a great time getting to know each other better and becoming friends rather than just riding companions.

I went to The Apple Store in Wellington one morning at 8:30 for a tutorial on the I pad, I am thinking of changing my old one for a mini and just thought I should check out the differences. These classes are free and are held every morning before the store opens, I did not learn as much as I had hoped but I did pick up one or two things that could be useful, what I did do was sit next to a very nice lady in her late 70’s who wrote poetry and was extremely interesting to talk to….. so not a wasted journey after all!

image copy 5One of the things I love about living in a climate that allows you to be out most of the time, is that we can invite friends over to swim and eat and drink wine and beer or water and have such fun! I have included some photos of famous guests that have visited recently, I hope you recognise them!

image copy 2Halloween at our church last Friday was a blast and the decorations and preparation were first class, a hugely scary time was had by all and my scary cupcakes went down well! This Friday should be fun at Evening on the Avenue as it is Halloween and there will be lots going on to keep people amused and entertained.

Sunday was breakfast at The Scottish Rites building down by the water tower, and event held on the last Sunday of each month, for a very small sum of money, you can have all you can eat, and let me tell you, it is first class, I would highly recommend it! The Gray Mockingbird Community Gardens which are situated at The Scottish Rite are coming on famously now and look very professional, everything is growing beautifully and yielding much produce for families in the area, and of course, the wall is still looking wonderful, I cannot believe that we completed that huge work of art, it was such a great experience and many friendships were formed throughout that time…..

image copy 4My hometown of Southend on Sea is having fun activities for Halloween as well I notice, it is great to see the pier being put to good use. Lastly, I have had huge fun at The Clifford Taylor School this week, children are such a joy to be around a, I cannot wait until my next session next week. Have a truly scary week with Gnostics and ghouls, I hope to see you around this week if not, see you next week…..

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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