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It has been a holiday weekend and very busy! I hope things are progressingimage copy 12 Hello Lake Worth Every  Minute Followers……….only one more blog and I shall be in Lake Worth and having fun checking everyone and everything out!!!! I love to look for changes, of which there are always some…….and to look up friends and places, getting excited now!

Well, as I spoke of last week  Amsterdam was a joy, a city well worth visiting and full of culture and interesting things to do and see. Having written the blog last week, we travelled on the canals and visited the Ryjks Museum which was amazing. A 45 minute flight saw us home in England by 10:30 in the morning just in time for me to help a young friend embarking on her teaching career to get her new classroom ready for the new term. I quite envied her embarking on a new career and such a fabulous one at that. I remember starting my first teaching job in a High School and falling in love with the job, warts and all!  And even today, I cannot quite give it up entirely…….I work as a school governor and help out where I can and still get that buzz when I walk into the school. This last weekend has been a bank holiday here in England, the last weekend of August and  there are always events going on which are traditional like The Notting Hill Carnival, a tradition image copy 2 image copygoing back since 1960 and is held over three days in Notting Hill,which is in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London. It has attracted over a million visitors in the past and is one of the world’s largest carnivals. It is organised by The West Indian Community and is such a spectacle of colour and sound to watch. Sunday is traditionally Children’s Day where the younger members of the community parade and dance and dress up in the most magnificent costumes which have taken months to create. Monday rained all day but did it deter either the participants or the spectators? Absolutely not! Traditions are good and this one certainly enriches our culture, long may it continue to entertain!

An air show this week saw two of the old planes used in the war parked in our local airport in all their glory!  It was wonderful to see and the sound of these planes is unique, image copy 17just like the sounds on the old footage we see from time to time. How these wonderful pilots managed to navigate and negotiate one can only imagine but these planes must be kept forever as a reminder of the brave young men and women who selflessly fought and won under the grimmest of conditions.

image copy 10As usual, I have been meeting with fiends and family keeping up with news and just having fun. I now need to see everyone before I come back to Lake Worth as I will not be back until Christmas. Every so often we organise mystery days for each other, nothing too grand but always something fun and on Sunday I organised a trip to Paper Mill Lock, which is a lovely area on the River and surrounded by the most beautiful countryside. We took a river trip through the locks and walked along the riverbank, ate at the Tea rooms and followed it with a trip to Battlesbridge Antique Centre on the way home, there is nothing like a rummage through antiquestalls….quite exhilarating!

image copy 13Knowing that the day was going to be wet yesterday, it was the ideal opportunity to visit my brother in Kent, dubbed the garden of England, because of its beautiful countryside and rolling green hills ……… little villages and sheep filled fields dot the route, I never tire of that part of the journey. Although we can see Kent from our side of the Thames, we have to travel 60 miles round to reach it, over the Queen Elizabeth Bridge to get there and back throughimage copy 15 image copy 14 The Dartford Tunnel which was surprisingly quiet yesterday, there are usually queues (lines) but we were lucky! Unfortunately the weather here is not due to be wonderful this week which means  packing can start and all those jobs that need to be done before travelling can be completed!

Lots to do this week, culminating in a trip to Buckingham Palace on Saturday, I will let you know how that goes and take lots of photos. I also need to complete my Ice Bucket Challenge, I was lucky enough to have been nominated by my nephew’s partner Stuart……thanks very much! I have seen many Lake Wortthians complete this challenge, most notably Mary Lindsey…

….well done! That has to be the cruellest challenge I have seen with her husband pouring the ice water slowly to maximise the discomfort!!Have a great week, I hope the temperatures come down slightly for you, I hear from some people that it is unbearably hit at the moment.

image copy 16Chris Gostling is our Monday blogger.  You have followed her from Lake Worth to England and next week she will commence her observations once again from Lake Worth and share with friends in England.  Looking forward to her return and be part of our quirky Lake Worth community.  

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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