Life is Good, Lake Worth Friends

Good Morning My Lake Worth Friends,image copy

lovely little town, especially the addition of films in the open air at the plaza, that sounds like so much fun, I loved seeing the pirates last week…fabulous. I hope that the films will continue until our return! I have been following the debate on the 20/20 issue with interest, It is  so difficult to decide which is the best route and understandably people worry for a variety of reasons……..being a commissioner is without doubt not a job I would like to be doing……having to make decisions for the good of the people in your town is daunting to say the least! I am sure that in the end a compromise will be reached that will hopefully appease most people and allow vital work on the town to take place.

Where has this week gone? I have no idea…..I only know that it seems like a very short time since I wrote last week’s blog! One of the most exciting things I have done this week is book my flight back to Lake Worth for 5th September, about another 4 weeks, that will go so quickly and I have so much to do before then. Best to give you all advance warning so you can batten down the hatches before the mad English women come back!!!image copy

One thing that is good fun to do every so often is to arrange mystery trips for friends and one was organised for me last week to Audley End Stately Home which is a beautiful house reminiscent of those seen in Downton Abbey.  Audley End House is an early 17th century house of the Jacobean era, absolutely beautifully preserved and restored and full of a very rich history, so interesting to imagine life in those times. For me, one of the most stunning aspects were the gardens, a riot of xo, our and design, they certainly knew how to garden on those days!

meant to include this last week.

meant to include this last week.

Weather wise we have had the remnants of hurricane Bertha which resulted in some areas being flooded once again, a huge shame because it is the same people who are affected each time. In some areas we have drainage issues which need to  and of course we build and build on what in essence are flood plains and then reap the consequences. There are huge demonstrations about the amount of building that goes on in some areas, we have beautiful countryside and some of it will be taken up by companies building houses……..not a good idea at times but as usual, money drives these decisions! Of course, the rain used to soak away on fields and land surrounding the towns, now we have drives paved or concreted which prevents the natural drainage which leads to flooding as the weather over the last few years has dramatically changed! The sun is shining beautifully again this morning which is just as well because I am camping withimage copy 4

children……not my favourite pastime, I would rather Glamping, the art of more glamorous camping, but it is not to be I am afraid. Still, as I said the sun is out so it should be wonderful.image copy 5

We have the fair here this week, always a great favourite with locals and those from the surrounding areas, I love it. The music and the sound of people screaming on the rides, smell of candy floss and hot dogs, such memories return from childhood, although we are much more tied by health and safety these days which means we cannot be half as daring as we were all those years ago. The fair leads into the carnival next week, led by the float containing this year’s Carnival  Queen, chosen by popular vote a few weeks ago.The carnival is a huge hit and thousands line the streets to watch the floats and acts as they weave their way along the seafront down to the park where they fireworks and music and food will herald the end of a week of festivities……. a big tradition that has been going for many years.

Fire works are now a feature each Saturday evening and will continue until November.This is a lovely event and always takes place throughout the Summer Season, attracting visitors who bring their custom into the area, always a good thing!They are set off from a boat out in the water and create a magnificent spectacle with the pier as a backdrop.

We had a marvellous family fun day on Saturday, a great event for my sister’s birthday…… really is such a fun time with adults and children alike enjoying all the games and challenges. We were lucky because. Friday had been a very wet day nearly all day and we wondered what we would be faced with on Saturday, but I knew the sun would be out again and it shone all day and a fabulous day was had by everyone. It is interesting that despite the activities that had been organised, the one thing that the children love to do after the picnic lunch is to go into the woods and climb trees and makes camps, something we did all the time as children for hours on end. Of course, in today’s world, children do not spend hours on their own at local woods or parks as parents are concerned about them being out on their own, hence the excitement of being allowed free rein in a perfectly safe woodland area. The big fun of outburst, is to get filthy, white socks are unrecognisable  and hair gets tangled and full of twigs, grass stains abound…. All these things add up to a successful day. Cannot wait for next year……image copy 2

Apart from the above, friends have been very much I evidence in terms of meals out or in friend’s houses, plate orders have been completed and the garden has been overhauled …… A hugely successful week! See you next week, when the blog will come from Amsterdam….exciting stuff!

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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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