Summer Time here in England


Good Morning Everyone,

I  imagine that things are now very much back DSCN7884to normal after the July 4th shenanigans! It all looked so much fun.

Here in my sunny little part of England, things are as they normally are in Summer, very busy! As you know, we are a seaside town here and this means that many of our activities are based on the water or around the beach. This weekend has been perfect for sailing and there have been races all over the weekend with the local Thorpe Bay  Yacht Club. It is so nice to see the boats on the water, usually lots of bright colours on the water, sails billowing in the wind…a lovely sight. This weekend, I noticed that all the sails were white which looked just as glorious as they sailed around the course set out for them……….

For the second year running The Village Green Festival was held in one of our local parks in Chalkwell, a gorgeous park with lots of open space, ideal for a fair. It was a huge success and was enjoyed by hundreds over

the weekend. It was so much fun and everyone enjoyed the music and myriad of other activities that took place and not an ounce of trouble! image copy 9

Summer is a wonderful time of year and of course small children can play quite happily by the beach or in the fountains without crowds of people around. I watched one small child the other day and it made me smile because he was having so much fun, I wanted to jump in with him but resisted the urge!

image copy

I took a trip to Kent yesterday to visit a friend who I have known since my early days in teaching some 30+ years. Kent is called the garden of England and for good reason. There is so much green, fields and a total of 13 castles in all! My favourite being Leeds Castle which has been in existence over 900 years and is set in the most beautiful grounds image copy 10…..awesomely breathtaking when you first see them and they have black swans, which were introduced many years ago, very majestic. Of course there are also very good village pubs and yesterday we went to The Angel in a tiny village close to where she lives. A Sunday Roast ( which I have not had for a long time!) which was just perfect…..roastpotatoes, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables, roast beef……a real English tradition. We sat and

chatted and drank and ate and drank and ate and chatted for some four hours… ideal afternoon with a very dear person. As Kent is on the opposite side of the Thames to me I have to drive under the river to get back home (a new bridge takes me there), an unusually good journey which topped of the day well.

image copy 6

I am working on designs for a mural which is going on the wall of a tea room in town, I would like to get that completed within the next couple of weeks. I love doing these kinds of projects  as they keep me busy and of course, I can be very creative! I will let you know how it goes. I had an Oder for a wedding plate with the unusual request for the bride and groom to be on snowboards! I love it when the requests are unusual ….. I am pleased with the results. imageThis is the time for weddings and I usually start getting lots of requests about now….watch this space.A tradition that has come from you is that of The Prom. When our students finished their schooling, they left without marking in a big way except for a prize giving event. Now even our primary (elementary school) schools are having end of year proms when they make that transition to image copy 8

Secondary (high) School. Each year, the events are bigger and better and the dresses are bigger and the transport is more and more quirky. There was a story in our local paper about a parent whotook on another job to earn enough money to buy a prom dress for her daughter at an astronomical sum of money along with the transport and other absolute musts that go along with the whole event! Crazy………

Our schools get out next week and the whole area will be a different place for the next six weeks. The beaches will packed, the funfairs will go on until late, sailing will be on every day and beach activity centres will be packed out. It is a great time for the seaside traders as the Winter months can be harsh if the weather is not hood so Summer trading makes up for that. It will not be so quiet then when I ride my bike along the front as I have yo extra vigilant for lost children wandering into the bike lane or wobbly children on bikes coming towards me……happy days!image copy 3

image copy 4

Gone are the days of boring shopping centres….when we went shopping this week, it waswonderful……we even had champagne and cocktails, it made shopping so much more pleasurable!    Have a wonderful week, I hope it beings excitement and happy times….see you next week!



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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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