Greeting Lake Worthy-ens

Good Morning. Lake Worth….

DSCN7884and what an end to your week that you had. July 4th looked spectacular from all angles.

The boats were an array of colour and design on the intercostal, they looked amazing and the crowds of spectators was surely the best ever! I loved watching

it all unfold by watching photos and videos appear on Facebook at regular intervals. I cannot believe the detail that existed in the designs of the costumes, they must have taken hours to make and  looked wonderful. The whole event was a true show community spirit, everyone working together and occasionally not ( as in some aspects of the raft race where some less than fair tactics were employed) but it was all in good fun. Ending with the dazzling firework display was excellent….thank you everyone for making it such an amazing occasion to watch even if from the others side of the pond!

Life here has not been as exciting as as it has with you but nevertheless has been good.Let me start with the most exciting….The Tour de France started here in England for only the second time ever and the first two legs have been spectacular with thousands lining the routes in the North Of England, where the scenery is so amazing, rolling hills and lots of green.

image The 3rd stage is today and is from Cambridge to London, that will be a spectacle worth seeing, hopefully I can get a good view. From then on it goes to France and finishes eventually at The Champs Élysées in Paris in 16 days. I love it when we experience events that the world watches and people can see how gorgeous our country is and how we embrace these events by turning out in our thousands and cheer on not only the winning cyclist but those near the end too. It will be interesting to see who ends up wearing the coveted yellow jersey at the end!

image copy 4

Talking of bike rides, we have our numbers and entries for our local Foulness Bike Ride that is an annual event here in Shoeburyness. Foulness belongs to the Ministry of Defence and regular members of the public are not allowed on to the island on  no everyday basis, you have to have a pass or actually live there. So, this is one way of getting to see the island and it’s views and also raise money for charity. The ride is 20 miles round the island…keep your fingers crossed for good weather for us, that makes all the difference.

I am attempting to cycle everywhere at the moment in readiness for the ride and I am doing pretty well. I  cycled to my voluntary job last Thursday, a beautiful day which made the ride very pleasant, amazing how much more you notice when you cycle rather than ride in the car. So that was a total of 12 miles phew! I have managed it most days so I should be okay on the day!image copy 2

Our local event was The  Shoebury Fair, an annual event held in a field at East Beach. It was brilliant and very well attended by the community and outlying districts. I manned the cake stall which is always busy and raises much money for our ‘I Believe’ Fund, which we set up in honour of our lovely Headteacher who died 5 years ago. She was fabulous and always encouraged the students to ‘believe in themselves’ . The fund pays for all manner of things to do with helping young people achieve their potential, tools for a college course, prom clothes, interview suits and clothes, along with all kinds of bursaries for deserving cases. We raised quite a good sum of money, to be announce in school today, and it will go to helping more young people! We are always so grateful to those who bake cakes for us, everything from lemon to chocolate, to biscuits and muffins. There are always displays by the armycadets, gymnasts, circus skills and all manners of stalls selling everything you could imagine and coconuts shies, raffles, games and competitions….huge fun was had by all, a great community event!

image copy 7

We have only two more weeks to until the schools break up for the holidays and exams are finished, awards have been presented and schools are gearing up for closing. There was a wonderful exhibition of student’s art work which was truly amazing, I hope they we get some good grades when the results come out, I am sure we will, the standard is even higher than ever this year. Thee were also 9 pieces of art work sent up for consideration to be placed in the exhibition at The Mall. Galleries in London,  very prestigious ! Out of the nine, six were chosen for display and 3 were highly recommended, I am hoping to attend the exhibition this week! Any excuse to go to London.

image copy

Did I ever mention that we produce a very delicious ice cream here in Southend? It is called Rossi’s and is delicious. Rossi’s is trying to get into The Guinness Book of  records by assembling the largest group of people all eating ice cream! In order to do this they have asked for volunteers to take part, all ice cream free! Guess who is first on the list???

image copy 3

I had visitors last Wednesday and we went to Prior Park and Museum which has had a big refurbishment and looks amazing. Priory House dates back to the1300’s and is truly fascinating, high ceilings, lots of beams and tiny, tiny windows…beautifully done!! The gardens have been kept as near to authentic as possible and look and smell lovely…rose gardens,  herb gardens….gorgeous!image copy 10All in all a great week. I imagine that you will all find life a little dull this week compared to your exciting time last week…  matter what you do enjoy it fully and as Buttons told me, ‘Make Every Day a Parade!’……..



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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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