Greetings from my other home


So here I am back in a very Sunny England and feeling 10170904_859325847417518_7761648003811804317_nat last that jet lag has disappeared and I am able to sleep at the normal times instead of waking up at ridiculous hours……..fabulous! The journey back was

good, all flights on time, thank goodness! I am always surprised and amazed at how many passengers bring carry on bags which are as big as my checked bags….amazing. They spend ages moving everything around and push and shove to squeeze their bags in the overhead lockers, attendants patiently helping and other passengers waiting patiently to take their seats. I am hugely amazed that the plane is able to take off! I am not sure why they do not board from back to front rather than the other way round, I am sure  there must be a reason, not sure what it is but I am sure there is one! Travelling through the night is difficult as it is so hard to sleep properly, dinner is served around 11pm, not the usual time to eat dinner and that throws all routine out of the window.

image copy

And of course, I am fitting back into my English life quickly and the diary is being filled with a variety of events. I start my voluntary work on Thursday, I try to fit in where they need me and am looking forward go seeing all those other wonderful volunteers who also work at. Shared Space.

There is The Shoebury Fayre on Saturday 5th. July, I am on the cake stall and need to start getting cakes baked and frozen so that we have enough to make a profit for our charity The Sue Murphy Fund, dedicated to a wonderful Headteacher who died five years ago.The fund was set up to help students who need funding I order to

achieve their goal. We get applications for many things, and it is wonderful to be able to help a dream be realised. So, you can see why we try to make as much money as possible! This is a great event, great fun and well attended, we always hope for good weather as it can be rather unpredictable here at times.

image copy 3

image copy 2The moonlight Colourthon, a night time marathon to raise money for a huge number of charities, also takes place on Saturday 5 July, a busy day all round. Again, it is so much better if the weather is good, there was one year when it

rained, it did not stop anyone from taking part and it being a huge success but the sunshine and warm evenings makes it a much more pleasurable experienceimage copy 4

My job as school governor keeps me busy and within 24 hours of being home, I had attended two meetings! I don’t mind though as I am not there for periods of time and I like to make up for that by attending when I can. I so enjoy being in school and love seeing both my friends on the Staff and students whom I know. The atmosphere is great and the school is a wonderful place where wonderful things happen. Examinations finished on Friday and Year 11 studentswere overjoyed to be finished for the academic year.

image copy 8

A couple of years ago we had a regeneration grant to update the area around the train station in Southend and amongst other things such as new road layouts and paved areas there was a very touching sculpture called ‘The Reunion’ and it is of a woman running into the arms of her husband as he returns home from work. This

sculpture is in an area surrounded by a large expanse of paved ground and is popular, as you might know, with skateboarders who can be seen at all times of day and night practising their skills. One morning a few weeks ago the statue was seen to be sporting a skateboard and the women was now wearing a pair of sneakers! Funnily enough, although I do not agree with people changing art, it actually looks very good and the effect is really quite interesting and very well done, clearly changed by an artist who knew what he/she was doing.

image copy 6

We have the annual mud run which takes place down at the seafront when the tide is out. You may run, walk, crawl your way through the course which at times is extremely cold, wet, squelchy and messy! The course goes out to The Mulberry Harbour, a mile out from the beach and a proud reminder of Southend’s part in the preparations for the  D Day landings. 60 years later it is still a navigational mark for boatmen as well as being a ‘magnet’  attracting scores of mud walkers daily from the beach during the Summer months .

Football has dominated the screens and houses and people are decorated with England flags and other memorabilia. Of course, now we are out, there is a general feeling of Malaise. We did win the Under 20 World Rugby and of course, Wimbledon starts tomorrow, I love that, it is hugely exciting. Strawberries and Cream and Pimms are the order of the day….mmm, I am not complaining about that!

I am thinking daily about what is going on in Lake Worth and thinking about all my friends having fun and working hard at it as well.  Next week I shall hopefully have lots of news and photos for you.

Enjoy your week, have immense



About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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1 Response to Greetings from my other home

  1. Mary Lindsey says:

    I look forward every week to Chris Gosling’s lovely photos and narrative world wide chronicles! As much as we miss you when you’re away, your light remains and we’ll keep it on til you return. xxxooo to Chris and Rhonda!


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