living in the tropics

It’s mango season and they are everywhere …….

DSCN7884I love it! They look so nice

hanging low from the trees, you can just pick them as you cycle by if you are  quick….just one of the reasons for loving living in the tropics!

I am making the most of it because I will be off to England in two weeks and I will not be picking fruit off the trees just yet, lots of vegetables will be ready but a bit early for fruit. The trees will be glorious though and the gardens will be filled with colour…my favourites are cherry and apple blossom pinks, the Magnolia, Rhodedendrums, fuscias and lots more…..without doubt, one of the reasons to live in England…. a totally different landscape.

No rain! Every day it goes a little dark and we think ‘here it comes..’  and it disappears again! We need it badly, or at least our yard needs it badly. We decide to zeroscape the front yard as the grass was sparse and patchy, looking quite dreadful. In this heat it was very hard going. Laying the plastic sheeting base was not so bad, it was the mulch that was the killer. One hundred bags and 5 hours later it was looking good but we looked terrible……..but nothing a hot shower, dinner and a beer did not sort out and now we are are so pleased with image copy 3 image

the results. You have to keep up standards in the neighbourhood after all. We did come across one plant which looks nice but can create a nasty rash  if you are allergic to it, Asparagus Design florus……be warned! Google is a wonderful thing…I found the plant after looking at a few sites and not only did it give details of plants to be found in Florida, it also showed on a scale of 1 – 4 the most dangerous ones. A number one would need instant hospital treatment……worth looking up!

Disaster struck on. Wednesday when we found tadpoles (1000’s of them…..) swimming in the pool! Not so bad you say, except that we were having a pool party on Sunday……….Yikes! Maybe three weeks ago, frogs were making so much noise in the garden we thought we had an infestation but it turned out to be just two… we know what they were up to! Anyway, we called the pool company after fishing out bucketfuls of tadpoles and they came to shock the pool which miraculously got rid of our unwanted visitors. I know people pay to swim with dolphins, somehow tadpoles do not have the same ring.

image copy 2Interesting news from England in the form of Buddy Greco and

his wife who have been residing in my area for a couple of years. They are now

having to return to California but have been so complimentary about where I

live. I met his wife in my voluntary job in a thrift store……she bought an

amazing pair of shoes and was the nicest person, not at all diva like, very

friendly and certainly part of the community. We will miss our celebrities. Other news was the showing of opera straight from The Royal Opera House to an outside location In Southend on Sea…..I love that idea because some people never get into London and certainly could not afford the ROH….so they get to see it for free, you just had to bring a chair! They are doing the same thing at local theatres, bringing plays and musicals to the screen as they are being performed, at a fraction of the price and no travel to London involved.


Our pool party was wonderful, full of friends we have gathered over the years andare such fun to be around……..I think people made new friends as well! Thankyou everyone for the fun and of course, the invaluable friendships. I realised that the great thing about entertaining here is the fact that it is so easy organisation wise, it took hardly any time to clear up…the house stayed clean because we were all outside……I just found another reason for living here.

DSCN9591On Monday, the Taco Lady finally gets completed, the last painted table is delivered along with what was probably the strangest item I have painted…..a large eight year old large cookie! Apparently it has been hanging around for

this amount of time after a difficult situation within the family. Anyway, thank you to the lovely Terry Brockovitch, who has now mounted it in a frame, Elizabeth gets it back! I hope she loves it…..DSCN9585

And of course, it being the first Friday of the month, it is real mail Friday at FAU in Boca, where we get to write real letters with real pens and send them through the mail. A dying art and it is such fun, we are supplied with writing materials and a variety of paper and exciting creative colours and away we go, quite a lovely way to spend

and afternoon, all for a donation!! Think about coming and joining us!  image copy

Have awonderful week…….I hope it rains a little, I know for sure the sun will shine a lot!


About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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