Summer must be coming

Phew, it is starting to get humid, Summer must be coming……                                                                                                          is it my imagination or is it usually a little later than this?


So, it was very hot during the day so I went to the community garden early evening to tend my friends garden. It was so satisfying untangling the water melon stalks and tying everything up neatly, de bugging and getting rid of dead stuff, it is one of the best things to do getting your hands dirty with the earth and smelling

the fragrance from tomato leaves, basil, mint and all other wonderful kinds of herbs.  I am sure that everyone has visited The Gray Mockingbird Garden  by now, but if by chance someone has not been, it is worth going to see what is happening.  Of course the crowning glory is the wall, the beautiful, fabulous wall created by a team of people, many who did not know each other previously,who were so generous of spirit and creativity and wove their magic into this piece of art work which will be there forever.


Last week I told you about Clifford O Taylor, the wonderful gentleman who was an educationalist here and inspired many throughout his long career as a principal. To have a school named after you is no mean feat and is certainly not done lightly.  We visited The Clifford O Taylor School in. Palm Springs last Wednesday and had to most enjoyable afternoon.  From the moment we entered the building Clifford was treated to hugs and handshakes every step of the way. There were teachers that he had taught as student themselves, colleagues with whom he had worked and the students would all greet him in unison in each classroom we visited.  This school is fairly new and is equipped with the most up to date equipment needed to set these young people on their path in life.  A fully equipped studio allows students to address the whole school each morning via larges screens placed in each room. They relay the news for the day, the menus for lunch, birthdays of both  Staff and students, they recite the school mantra, sing the national anthem and give out a word for the day and other such trivia designed to get every one thinking.  We arrived on a day where everyone was having fun ( not that they do not have fun EVERY day) but this was different, called fish day it celebrated all the students who had diligently read books at home, had them signed off at home by their parents and done this every single week of the school year, quite an achievement! They had bounce houses, food, games, prizes and much more……all carried out with military precision. And those who had not achieved the required number of fish points had to stay in their classrooms with their teachers…boohoo! I have a feeling they will be reading more next year! I asked about the points and apparently you could also have them taken away for misdemeanours  and I can tell you that the other students were quick to point out those who had lost points and WHY! It was a lovely experience and we felt very honoured to have been shown around by Clifford, thank you very much. If you want to know more about this wonderful gentleman, look him up in The Who’s Who in AmericanEducation.

data=VLHX1wd2Cgu8wR6jwyh-km8JBWAkEzU4,yxq36qcSDmK2TQA8aMyyaODxwWvDw9k3CptAVUp_vNOxMTPhGlBCTYlXvrVK-9I0uiyGFukKjE-NB_7SuxymcYCvqkC5PJM3YrXYaBmME8d_2dz-AnvQ78UP5QU images

We want to Callero’s for he first time last week and were very impressed, for $10 the lunch and a drink, wasexcellent. Service was fabulous and nothing was too much trouble, so much so that we took friends there on Friday for lunch. Again they were impressed and the roast beef on Weck was declared the best ever!  Worth a visit. Talking of eating establishments,

image copy 2Suri’s, the new tapas restaurant opens on June 6th, I love tapas and am so looking forward to it, I think we should should have a girls night out there on the opening, any takers???And, a new store downtown, The Coconut Shop, wonderful, I bought a gorgeous handmade skirt, I love it and you will when you visit! DSCN9808One of the highlights this week was the bike ride on Thursday it coincided with AnnaMaris’s birthday so we celebrated at the love Diana and Glenn’s, they are always so generous, and we have so much fun, joinus each Thursday and you too can be part of this lovely group.  image copy 9

I woke up this morning to find ducks parading around the pool and having a great pool party, they are so difficult to get rid of, they just do not want to go!!! 3 hours later, they had gone…phew! DSCN9857 And now it is 8:25 and we have just got back from the ice cream social at AnnaMaria’s which was a huge success….lots of ice cream, lots of toppings, lots if lovely people, lots of conversation and lots if fun! Thank you AnnaMaria, it was fabulous…..image copy 7

Have a great Memorial Day

Monday….enjoy it all!

Chris Gostling is our featured Monday blogger about her experiences here in Lake Worth and when she is back in England she continues with what her daily life is like.  Mostly from Southend-on-Sea our sister city.  



About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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