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DSCN8693I believe in serendipity and somehow there has been a convergence around this very subject matter.  While listening to NPR yesterday en-route to the museum, I hear an interview about correspondence.  The Morikami Museum currently has the  “Art of Correspondence” on display.  Tomorrow Friday is  “Real Mail Friday” at the Jaffee Book Arts Center.  Coincidence when cursive is on the decline?.   The Lake Worth Historic Museum will house this collection of 100 plus envelopes.

a fine example from France

a fine example from France  (front)

from my personal collection

from my personal collection  (back)

This began when the centennial committee first formed to honor Lake Worth’s 100th Birthday.  My contribution, this project.  I felt comfortable executing so raised my hand “I can do this.”   No one at the table had heard of this art form.  The centennial year has now passed and the project has reached its completion honoring Lake Worth’s first 100 year history.  A call went out to artists, calligraphers and mail-art artists.

Our Mayor Pam Triollo in glasses with Special Events Co-ordinator Dottie Pearson

Our Mayor Pam Triollo in glasses with Special Events Co-ordinator Dottie Pearson

beautifully executed envelopes  from Ma.  and Italy

beautifully executed envelopes from MA. and Italy

Mail Art arrived at 7 n. Dixie Hwy. Lake Worth Fl. 33460 our City Hall.  It is now hanging in our 2nd floor Museum wishing us well, from all over the world.  From England which is founded in 927 AD.  We received mail from Portugal, France, China, New Zealand, Australia.   A thought here.  A bottle of table wine is far less expensive than postage in most of those countries.

Memb. of S Fl. Calligraphy Guild, Lynn Zakevitch

Memb. of S Fl. Calligraphy Guild, Lynn Zakevitch

 At christmas time a beautiful red see- through envelope arrived with stars (envelopes are not suppose to be opened) and one hundred candles painted on the envelope.  DSCN2712 One in brail from St. Petersburg Fl. from a child.  Calligraphers sent in exquisite envelopes from as far away as California, including our own South Florida Calligraphy Guild.  This one above from Sardinia had questions about Lake Worth but also she researched us, note the state logo.  Here is one, prompted from a comment I made on an article about the lack of curtesy in business correspondence. DSCN6861 (2)Bruce Turkel runs an advertising agency and is on TV weekly and just completed a TED talk.   Then we had some submissions from known published artists. Some of the visitors last night recognized the art work of Robin Marie and tweeted “original art of Robin Marie in Lake Worth”  Check out the exhibition and call for their hours.  561-533- 7353 They will be open tomorrow Friday for Evening on the Avenue.

designed by Chris Gostling

designed by Chris Gostling

From your blogger.   This project came to a beautiful end with the assistance of Chris seen below.  She created the invitation.  Originally our intent was to post all the envelopes from England.  As they were oversized, the postage became prohibitive so she made the long journey to Lake Worth and they were posted here and in keeping with the theme and we affixed Harry Potter stamps.  Each visitor received a scroll exiting the museum, giving the history of mail art.  Should anyone reading this want to participate in an exchange of mail-art do send an envelope to my studio.  I will respond in kind.  AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt 404 s. C. st.  Lake Worth, Fl. 33460 

Chris Gostling and AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt

Chris Gostling and AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt




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