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Good Morning and a happy start to the DSCN1953week to Lake Worth people….and what a great start it is, sun, sun, sun…


I have to remember this week to say how much I love the new brightly coloured bike stands downtown, I love them and I love the fact that I know do not have to chain my bike to a bench or a tree or lamppost …thank you for that City of  Lake Worth.

Busy week as usual here, there is always something going on to get involved in and you could do it all if you never slept! The Easter Event in Bryant Park on April 19, day before Easter Sunday should be wonderful, there will be lots of fun…Eastre Egg Hunt, food, activities, wonderful raffle with great prizes that you will be clamouring to win! Easter bonnets from the children can win  a prize, get them making now! The Reecreation Board is chaired by a young man called Austen who is very good! you know how difficult it is as an adult trying to get people to do what you want and attempting to keep everyone on track and on task, not easy but I have been very impressed  with him, adults can be very stubborn at times! I often think about the young people coming up who are our future generation, people like him give us hope. I am sure the event will be brilliant and his hard work will have been worth it.April_10_FundraiserFlyer5aaa44

There is a fundraiser  with all monies raised going to the event coming onSaturday April 19, It is at E R Bradley’s this  THURSDAY, should be good, Mel andVinnie and others will be entertaining us, worth $10 of anyone’s money, you canpay on the door if you do not manage to buy one from a Rec Board Member…..seeyou there hopefully.

I met with my senior friend at The Towers on Tuesday forbreakfast at Clarys, which is the wonderful restaurant situated in corner ofthe building. I am always impressed with the good and atmosphere there…..foodis mostly cooked on premises, always fresh and the atmospher is so friendly and welcoming…worth a visit. My friend is going to be e 90 this coming Septemberand had decided she wants now to complete her PhD in Scripture, what a speciallady she is, she already has 3 degrees, why not get her PhD? How many 90 yearolds get to, or even want to, complete this qualification, very admirable

1520674_839941339355969_463829310_nThe shuffleboard session saw Rosemary Otto making Easter hats from newspaper andcard, she is amazing, a few cuts and folds and bingo, she has a hat!!!

image copy 2

Monday Evening I attended The Peace (People Engaged in Active Community Efforts) conference at The Convention Centre, the sim was to get 2,000 peoplethere, we managed 2.600….,that’s a lot of people. One of the issues,permanent exclusion of students from school has been successful and are down by30%, a great result???round of applause. The other two issues need a bit oftweaking to make them more realistic and therefore open to change for thebetter. On Friday I met with friends at The Flavour of India, the Indianrestaurant on Dixie, for $8:95 you can eat as much as you want, an excellentdeal and excellent food, we sat for two hours chattering and eating, fabulous!

image copyAnd then my big treat for dog sitting for my friends, I was taken to RusticItaliano, I have  always wanted to go there and it did not disappoint! Howlucky am I????   Strolling down Lake after eating was a delight, theNeighbourhood Tent is always full of positive and friendly people who turn outweek after week an still maintain that  attitude….music…vendors….puppets….laughter…..what a lovely evening I had!

On Saturday evening Iwatered the plants and noticed water gushing out of a pipe, not another leak?Yes, it was! I dug down in a panic and located the off switch underneath allthe sand that was rapidly filling the hole and eventually got it switched it is 8:30pm and I pace around deciding what to do…I rang Utilities….who sent two workers out to me by 9:15.,,,,..they were brilliant, found theleak, reassured me and got me water! I had just made English scones with freshcream and jam for brunch at church this morning. I treated those two angels toscones, rock cakes and shortbread …….we sat chatting for an hour or so andthey were delightful, I was immensely grateful I can tell you! People often askme, ‘Why Lake Worth?’….I think I have answered that question, everyone hereis helpful, friendly and a joy to be with. Earlier in the day in thesupermarket I had dropped my purse, ‘I will help you Ma’am ….’ Said a youngman and picked up every last penny….woohoo!And this morning, the brunch!


Was excellent, St Andrews Is such a great church, everyone pitches in and itgets done and it gets done with a smile and thanks……on to see ButtonsBrokovitch who has nearly completed her mural for The Taco Lady,watch out forthe grand opening…should be woth attending. I had never realised that sheexisted until Buttons started the project, now I am a taco addict.So you can see why I love Lake Worth, I feel safe, I know that no matter what happenssomeone is on hand to help……….thank you…have a super week full ofhappenings like mine.               Our Guest blogger has been reporting from our sister city in England.  She is now stateside and as you see is very involved with our community.  ChrisGostling is featured in the photos below, as she has done more than hershare of volunteering in our community.  She brings joy and good wherevershe lands. 


About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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