Good Morning Lake Worth

Good Morning Lake Worth…. wow, what a weekend itDSCN7884 has been, so much going on………but back to the beginning of the week…I took the Diva Duck Tour from City Place on Monday, I had forgotten how good it is…a great way to show visitors the area and mansions, the boat show was finishing up so the bridge was up quiet a lot which created a traffic backlog……you should have seen some of the boats that were leaving, They were amazing and HUGE! It was a successful day and my visitor has gone home loving Lake Worth and the surrounding area. image copy 2On the morning of her departure we went to The Del Inn for breakfast….it is some time imagesince I had been there and it reminded me of how this 60’s style diner entertains and makes every visit a memorable one… more deli virgins in this hous

Then I was busy meeting up with people and finding out the projects going on that I can be involved in….tiles with plant names on ready for The Girl Scouts to paint at The Easter Event in Bryant Park…….breakfast at Clarys to talk about the same eventDSCN7824 and come up with ideas for making sure that ALL the children attending the event were able to take part whether they could afford to or not.  I was impressed with The Recreation Board Meeting at The Shuffleboard Court, the committee appear dedicated and hard working. NadineBurns attended as a guest of AnnaMaria’s and is someone who should be on ever board going, particularly if you want goods donated, she never runs out of energy.  Buttons Brokovitch is painting a mural on the wall at The Taco Lady

unvailing of entire mural will be May 5, Cinco de Mayo

unvailing of entire mural will be May 5, Cinco de Mayo

image copy 3She set me a task to decorate one of the tables from the restaurant, nearly finished……what do you think??? If you are around drop into The Taco Lady and check it out, you might want a taco at the same time!

I have been dog sitting for three days and I was made aware of                                            image  how like babysitting it is. Dogs are just like children, they need feeding and nurturing, loving some attention and need lots of exercise. I took my responsibilities very seriously and although I think she probably had more treats than usual because     I could not resist the begging, I did not undo any good practices. Just like a babysitter I was anxious not to leave the parents with a few days of bad behaviour to contend with whilst they get the back into the routine that has been destroyed by the babysitter!  I also realised that just like children, dogs have no sense of a sensible time to awake in the morning, I was up at silly o’clock each morning as the dog whined to go out, of course, thee is nothing yo do but to get up and put walking, actually it was quite nice, very quiet and cool!

Wha about the rain on Saturday evening, I was due to go out with friends and down it came…… I thought as usual it would be over quickly but it got worse and worse, it came into the porch, something that has not happened before and absolutely soaked everything!  Chairs blew across the yard and when I went out to put them back, the wind was so strong I could not open the door so they stayed where they wee until the rain had finished and the wind died down.  It calmed down just in time for us to go out and have fun….finishing up with ice cream from Hoffmans mmmmmm!

Today the sun shone and it really was a case of the calm after the storm, I was worried the weather might affect the parade but it was perfect and it all went without a hitch. And instead of the high winds we were back to the lovely balmy breeze that just just tickles your face rather than knocks you over. I am pretty sure no one does a parade like Lake Worth, what fun that was..I came out of church and there it was just starting,     image copya parade of such colour and joy…there was music and dancing and moving messages. excellent event! Bryant Park was heaving, a Sign of a good happening…….. a great day!!

Monday evening sees a justice and peace meeting at The Convention Centre taking place at 7 pm… event I am looking forward to very much, apparently is is well worth attending. It is free and if you would like to go, just call into St Andrews church office and pick up some tickets……real mail on Friday at FAU after lunch at The Flavours of India with friends.  Shuffleboard on Tuesday……Have a great week……I am sure I will see many of during this time….it has been really quite humbling for me as I get a great welcome back from so many lovely people and realise just how lucky I am……… have a fabulous week, I am sure I will see you around…




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A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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  1. Sam says:

    That pup is adorable.


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