It’s a Wednesday thing

Have decided to start something new.  Not entirely sure if this is going to work out but am giving it a try.  Your help is welcome.  Many things I post are after the fact, and y’all enjoy it vicariously.  Someone approached me and said you do so many cool things.  Well not really just happen to be aware.  So on Wednesday “It’s a Wednesday thing” I will try to post things that are open to the public, mostly free, and enjoyable.  No promises, this may not be such a good idea.   I don’t always remember if this is the second or third Friday, or is this the Friday on the Avenue week,  because I don’t drive past City Hall’s neon reminder daily or have to stop for the red light.   If you know something that might fit here,  send it to me at with heading you should know.  I will post and update as my schedule allows.  Also this venue allows me to drop a photo in.  One I like but have no reason to use or anecdote to go with.   For instance have you noticed these cool new banners.  Did you know City Hall is almost ready for it’s volunteer force.  If you have a couple of hours and feel benevolent give something that is priceless, your time.  They have build this greeting station at the top of the steps just for you (pure conjecture).                                                                                                                               Today 10:30 a.m. opening of NEW Fitness Park, your invited.  See invite below               Thursday 10a.m. to noon at the Towers, if you like to doodle come last Mail Art class                 Thursday twilight peddlers (none spandex) new time meet up at 5 p.m. and ride at 5:15 from Bryant Park parking lot, due to time change.  This is an open group of bike riders all welcome.  Drop in or out at any point of the ride.                                                                       Friday  6:00 p.m.  Evening for strolling down the Avenue, entertainment social gathering on the Cultural Plaza.  See your friends and neighbors.                                            Saturday   10:00 a.m. – 3:00 Centennial Event front of the Library 100th BIRTHDAY BASH .  Something for everyone, Birthday cake being served.                                                                                            Check this out work in progress, most of the artists will be start painting Saturday and into next week, until all 9 arches are completed. 

First stroke

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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