Biking Lake Worth FL

Most of the Lake Worth streets have bike lanes thanks to the foresight of the CRA.  We also have Twilight Thursday Pedaling for anyone with wheels other than motorized, one exception 😉 .  Our average speed is a laughable 8 miles per hour.  With that speed you can stop on a dime, perhaps, but you sure can with your flip flops on. 

We just saw a very successful event, the Lake Worth Tropical Triathlon.  Finally posted 200 some photos to Flicker of the Triathlon event.  (they run faster than we bike ) This bring me to the pleasure of  biking.  Some one sent me this wonderful article from the N.Y. Times that is worth a read.  I will just post some of the highlights.  I rode all day at a modest clip, on both sides of the Seine, in the Latin Quarter, past the Louvre and along the Champs-Élysées, feeling exhilarated, not fearful. And I had tons of bareheaded bicycling company amid the Parisian traffic. One common denominator of successful bike programs around the world — from Paris to Barcelona to Guangzhou — is that almost no one wears a helmet, and there is no pressure to do so. .    .  . . . . . . . . .“Pushing helmets really kills cycling and bike-sharing in particular because it promotes a sense of danger that just isn’t justified — in fact, cycling has many health benefits,” says Piet de Jong, a professor in the department of applied finance and actuarial studies at Macquarie University in Sydney. He studied the issue with mathematical modeling, and concludes that the benefits may outweigh the risks by 20 to 1.  Made my point! Do read the entire article.  Recently I was down on South Beach and saw these kiosks, helmet not included.  These  bikes go anywhere.  Have seen them as far south as Cocoanut Grove.   In Lake Worth we have flat roads, we can ride up to the Norton Museum south to Boca and if we are more adventurous we can take our bikes onto the Tri Rail down to a near by community that is bike friendly.  Here seen is an innovative friend, she’s created the bike saddlefor those of us who ride to work.  Caught her in S. Miami going to her job.  It’s rain proof and lady like.          Photo below is her, Regina McFall you can like her on FB and she just shared this.                WOW

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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