Portrait of our Artist Laura Ann Jacobs

I had been aware of this artists’s work for quite a period of years.  Then I saw the work again at ArtBasel.  On New Years Eve 2011, I pass the well lit Artefact gallery at 805 Lake Ave. and saw a piece of her work in the window.  Of course I gush when I see something I admire, was invited to the inner sanctum for a glass of champagne, and in the back with the other revelers was Laura Ann Jacobs.                                             Just recently Laura made the New York Times and everyone here in Lake Worth was delighted with the article about her living arrangement. (be sure to view the NY Time’s own 16 photos).    Her environment is an extension of her art work.  “I came out of the womb with a pencil in my hand”  so speaks our artist who is a statuesque, self processed modest personality.   She is also a collector of other artists work and she loves to shop for collectible bling.Her current body of work titled appropriately Bound in Beauty is still in a NY show.  She lives 0n a typical 25ft. Lake Worth lot with two cottages on the property.   As an artist her needs for personal things might be  limited by such a small space.  Like most artist she embodies her work and is surrounded by it her cottage color palette is continuous throughout her wardrobe.  Her version of pique assiette, incorporates jewels and shattered glass.  From Pique assiette’s humble beginning, in Laura Ann’s hands it has become a highly prized and sought after art form.  Her work displays a high level of skill and wit.  Her sculptured pieces begin at $3,000 and top out at $20,000, most of her work takes 3 months to completion.  While visiting, one earring fell and broke, she  picked it up repaired it on the spot with glue and said that eventually it will find itself into one of her sculptural pieces.   I just have to share this close up of her shower.  Yes she is responsible for all the unique art you see here inside her cottage.  Click on the images to enlarge them.  As we left her cottage with Hirshil and Moshi her two Cockatoos.  A person stopped her car middle of the road and asked to take her photo, by the time we continued our walk 3 cameras were aimed at her.  So if you see her on the street you’ll recognize her immediately.

This is the fourth of this series on Artists in Lake Worth who have a world wide reputations and happen to be your next door neighbor.  They have been so far, in case you’ve missed one, Fred Hunt, Annette Rawlings, and Barbara Johansen.  Would it be just great if they all could be featured together at the PB Cultural Council.  The funny thing is they are all within walking distance and I mean this literally walking distance to the Cultural Councils headquarters.  Next artist to be featured is a composer and also in walking distance.

About Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

A former Unite Press International photographer. Spent 9 years with Cruise Ship Photos of London. Moved to Lake Worth from Coconut Grove, with artist husband Fred Hunt. Never leaves the house without a camera. Writes another blog "One Ear Society" dealing with the ins and outs of the art world. Closed her Art Gallery in Coconut Grove after 17 years to relocate in Lake Worth.
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