Moon over Lake Worth

What did everyone know that I did not know?  I’d just gotten out of the water when something was in the air and it was palpable. My story continues via photos.

They knew, they came early so the kids could get a swim in.

Totally prepared, with minutes to spare.

waiting patiently 
Boardwalk was filling with spectators

breathtaking evening on the beach

Can you see it?

A joyful feeling, to see young love

Yes, we all are in agreement

We were so fortunate, that I had my camera with me.

photo opportunities galore

can you imagine a traffic jam, cars could hardly move

This might might be my arty shot

Wellington couple, he’s camera shy but appears in boardwalk photo.

Native, been trying to see the full moon without clouds for almost two years.

parked car again, for just one more photo, to include Lake Worth Pier