Pete Roubekas in his kitchen last year.

will be different for many who annually found themselves at the Farmer Girl. Last year was 32 years of open door, no register and serving  over 1,000 meals on Thanksgiving Day including delivery to those who could not come in person.   This year Pete Roubekas family begged him to come home to dinner.   I wish him a happy reunion, all the comforts of home after 32 years of generosity.  With all my love and gratitude of Lake Worth from all who enjoyed Thanksgiving  meals at the Farmer Girl over the past 32 years.  Not to be forgotten and thanked the famous and not so famous volunteers servers.

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Hello neighbors

Two things happened this week that make having good neighbors important, sometimes critical.  One of my neighbors was reported,  a missing person* five days.   The other is about how we view ourselves.  Royal Poinciana was fortunate to have their street clean-up this past Saturday.. The street selected this time was south C st. including the alley between C and D.   Just midweek  a company hired by our city to cut the grass in the alley way, did. .  What they do not do is remove the large debris.  That was left to us as you can see Sarah Parr Malega and President Kenia Valdez removing the left over stuff that the company does not deal with.  Having Nick Petrino assist with his crew was just awesome and much appreciated. .

Kenia Valdez Pres. & Sarah Par Mallega of RPNA

The combined effort yielded 10 truck loads of stuff.  Mind you we are not allowed to go onto property to remove the offending beer cans, plastic bags.  There are still eye sores and the City is still overwhelmed.  The City of Lake Worth  has been doing a tremendous job of vegetation removal. ( Been watching the 21 ft high 2 acres of vegetation getting under control up in Sunset Ridge. ) Still needed is a cleaning of the storm drains, as this neighborhood also floods. We did not have the right tool which SWA provided us..  Neighborhood  participation has great value.  In cleaning we met two new homebuyers, both with teenage children.   *  One of our RP disappeared for 5 days.  Who knew?  This can happen to any one of our elderly. He went down the road  for a bite and fainted.  No one knew who he was there, he ended up in hospital.  Unbeknown to us all his animals left to fend for themselves indoors.  Till PBSO put two and two together he was identified.  So know your neighbors at least in your block.



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Hello Lake Worth Florida

Not sure what I should lead with, what all happened this morning or with the awesome turn out yesterday at our newest business downtown on Lake Ave..  It’s been one of those businesses that gives a town a new landmark, its pink, it’s,big and corner location location.

Lake Worth now has a Bookstore! Congratulations to the family business that took the plunge.  Ir was welcomed with open arms by our community.

Line of bibliophile making their first purchase here.

Just about everyone came as these photos will show. Recognized many from the Parrot Cove Neighborhood,  It got so crowded that it spilled onto Lake Avenue. The Staff that will be helping is seen here.

 you know Heni Seif, Monika Larasson, Todd Ketcham who are there to assist you.

A cafe is in the works, a children section of course.  Special orders to keep up with the latest NOBEL PRIZE winners. The ribbon cutting took place inside (guess everyone is captured by air).                                         One of the items that i eyed was the temporary literary tattoos.  I might go for one of them.  Ask me where I live, Royal Poinciana yes, but the actual address as I lift my arm “221 Baker Street”. LOL If you prefer Hamlet well they have him also. Et tu, Brute?.

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Almost exciting weekend

Lake Worthy news that should make everyone leap for joy.  Today we see the opening of a new Bookstore. the Book Cellar in the pink building, on the corner of J st. and Lake Ave.  All invited.  (met all my good men at bookstores) They will also have a cafe but not just yet.  Then another great bit of news AWE Flowers is moving next door to the Lake Worth Art League  608 Lucerne with plenty of parking.  Now if you want to know more go to the source.  Lake Worth’s Information Center just across from our Library on the Cultural Plaza.                                                                                   Sad to say cancelled was the first seasonal Art Al Fresco on the Beach art show, due  to weather, however they rescheduled for next Saturday and Sunday. Support your local artists.   Also happy news the Little Free Libraries are mostly up and operational.  So purchase a book you’ve been wanting at the Book Cellar then leave it at one of the Little Free Libraries with a book review.. FYI  There is one that specializes in children books, it is  at 404 S. C St.  Then  We are fortunate come out and support the local businesses.  $5 breakfast here at Mulligans with a view.  Another $5 breakfast is at CJ’s Island Grill Fri. Sat. and Sun. only with Karin Albano.           We are fortunate! this photo was taken only two days ago in  Coconut Grove Miami so lets count our blessings. 

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Eclipse Lake Worth Beach

An interesting day in Lake Worth yesterday, a lot of anticipation and then the clouds moved in at the apex .   Heard of every kind of scientific and none kind of viewing possibilities.  However I knew exactly the kind of photo I wanted as my camera lens     would never do.  

Here are the photos of the wonderful people I met on the pier.  They came from Columbia, Turkey, a few from Lake Worth unincorporated,  Greenacres, West Palm Beach, Brazil, Arizona, Kentucky and the  offices right across the street of our Lake Worth Beach.  All I met were gracious and lent me their glasses, at the end I did get a photo through one of them.

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Mail Art

By now it’s obvious that I love Mail Art,  M A I L  and have participated in this art form for over 30 years.  Could have stemmed from my wandering around the globe, sharing the wonders of the world via post cards and those great stamps.  Did you know that the stamp in Paris cost more than a bottle of table wine.?  Oh well, was my attitude.  My passion continued without  realizing there were others and somewhat organized.

IUOMA  has celebrated over 25th year.  It’s the International Union of Mail Artists.   I’ve been a card-carrying member for close to 15 years.  I send  “Art Mail” all over the world.   Once settled, this was a way to stay connected even though  there was no letter inside the envelope.  The envelope represented itself (me) and was displayed in Italian Churches, MOMA,  Norway and where all it was welcomed.  In return I also was showered with mail art gifts thanks to the United Mail carriers of the U.S. and the world. 

Down in Coconut Grove with my gallery I had a call for Mail Art and it was viewed by over many thousands of visitors to the Coconut Grove Art Festival as I was located close to the main entrance, and I was given empty store fronts to fill and fill I did.    They CGAF traffic counted 700,000 visitors.

Standard envelopes were requested, but I got much more.  Even the Postmaster General of Miami sent me mail art.  The mail carriers always arrived with, look what I have for you and a grin..  They didn’t just drop it by the door they brought it to my desk half way back through the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery.

Did I have favorites, oh my! Would it have been the red satin slipper, the LOVE stamp done by a 5-year-old. Or by the then Pres. of the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce seen below here, NO she did not send the sheet that was her art school project years before, then Xeroxed onto a  envelope, check the postage.

Lake Worth for its Centennial in 2013  had a call for mail art.  The envelopes again arrived  from all over the world.  Japan, France, Finland, Portugal  they can now be viewed at our  Lake Worth Historical Museum.  A gift from the world.   And now it’s time to put Lake Worth on the map once more in a very positive light.   A call for mail art is now being announced by the Lake Worth Art League.

CALL for Mail Art

send your envelopes to    L W A L                                                                                                                                                604 Lucerne Ave.                                                                                                                              Lake Worth, Florida  33460                                          

 dead line,              March 3 2018

Please put your e-mail on the bottom right back of envelope and we will let you know of its arrival.  Also all will be posted on a specially created Web site for this purpose. and displayed part of our Art exhibit themed “Words” any further questions e-mail those to

Below our Mayor and special events coordinator at the opening reception.

At our Lake Worth History Museum  reception


The site that was created for the Lake Worth Centennial will now be revived and again be used for mail-art.   Everyone who wishes to send in a pc of art mail is welcome.  Direction are here and you may view your envelope on

our own Ms. Donaldson at 7 n Dixie Hwy. 33460 

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time for an update.

Time to update our list of talented artists in our community We lost 3 and gained about 11 new ones. You know of a working artist in the 33460 on this list in your neighborhood let us know. Time to see how well we are represented in our quirky little seaside town.

During festive times they are called upon for their talent, their  generous volunteerism.   Some neighborhoods are fortunate to have a larger share and that is visible via the Fourth of July Raft Race, and of course our upcoming 50th anniversary Night Time Christmas Parade. These are the artists of 33460   WE  in Lake Worth Beach have musicians, painters, sculptors and performers. OUR  ARTISTS in our midst.

YOU SHOULD KNOW Palm Beach Cultural Council has just announced the Cultural Consortium Fellowship   workshop to take place Aug. 31 2 p.m.   any of these could qualify and be a winner of their $15,000 award   It used to be $25,000 but that was the past and we are graduating thousands of artists yearly.  So more venues are needed.

David Withlock
Mango Grove


Christine Gostling Eden Place

Christine Gostling
Eden Place has moved back to England 

Annette Rawlings South Palm Park

Annette Rawlings
South Palm Park

Nancy Udell College Park

Nancy Udell
College Park

Aidana Baldessarre Mango Groves

Aidana Baldessarre
Mango Groves

Karin Albana Mango Groves

Karin Albano
Mango Groves

David Savage Downtown Jewel

David Savage
Downtown Jewel

Steve Horan Downtown Jewel

Steve Horan
Downtown Jewel

B.J. Hawks South Palm Park

B.J. Hawks
South Palm Park

Shannon & Phil Matero Tropical Ridge

Shannon & Phil Matero
Tropical Ridge

JoAnn Nava Parrot Cove

JoAnn Nava
Parrot Cove has moved sold her home

Katie Lewis Mango Groves

Katie Lewis
Mango Groves traveling the world



Gayo Downtown Jewel

Downtown Jewel RIP

Ellen Steininger
South Palm Park

Elise Crone Bryant Park

Elise Crone
Bryant Park

Marijah Speziale Parrot Cove

Marijah Speziale
Parrot Cove

John Cutrone Parrot Cove

John Cutrone
Parrot Cove

Shawn d. Moss
Bryant Park

Rosemary Otto Mango Groves

Rosemary Otto
Mango Groves

Laura Ann Jacobs Downtown Jewel

Laura Ann Jacobs
Downtown Jewel

Julie Williams Bryant Park

Julie Williams
Bryant Park


LD Shannon Torence Downtown Jewel

Downtown Jewel


Steve Sundberg Mango Grove Author

Steve Sundberg
Mango Grove

Pedro GABRIEL Royal Poinciana

Royal Poinciana

Kathy Stoneberg
Mango Grove

Cathrine Turk
Tropical Ridge

Brent Bludworth
College Park

Claudia Quacinella
Parrot Cove

Carl Stoveland
Eden Place

Arnie Lanza Jazz Pianist
Bryant Park




John Mangan
Bryant Park

?? lives in the Lofts first recipient with his work.



Nick & Ashley Nadrone Royal Poinciana

Nick & Ashley Nadrone
Royal Poinciana

Ray Gross Pineapple Beach

Ray Gross
Pineapple Beach

Julia Longwell Royal Poinciana

Julia Longwell
Royal Poinciana

Gareth Johnson Royal Poinciana The Julliard School

Gareth Johnson
Royal Poinciana
The Julliard School

Jacques de Bauford Royal Poinciana

Jacques de Bauford
Royal Poinciana

Anna & Greg Karabench Royal Poinciana

Anna & Greg Karabench
Royal Poinciana

Mel and Vinney Downtown Jewel

Mel and Vinney
Downtown Jewel


Rebecca HINSON


Bryant Park Ceramics






 Eleanor Bryan Parrot Cove,

Eleanor Bryan
Parrot Cove,

College Park

College Park

Rowena Limauro Lake Osborn

Rowena Limauro
Lake Osborn



Claire Shore Mango Grove The Julliard School

Claire Shore
Mango Grove
The Julliard School




Rocke Rococo Tropical Ridge

Rocke Rococo
Tropical Ridge

Tuesday Lee Afton Tropical Ridge

Tuesday Lee Afton
Tropical Ridge

My deepest apology if I have missed anyone, just let me know, I can always add and make corrections.  All earn their living with their talent, not a small point and many have to have day jobs. know the ones that give back to the community        Not in alpha order nor by neighborhood affiliation.



Tony Downtown Jewel

Downtown Jewel




Mango Grove

Jill Karlin Butler Mango Grove

Jill Karlin Butler
Mango Grove


Louise Noaks Royal Poinciana

Louise Noaks
Royal Poinciana

Jane Elizabeth Drummond

Jane Elizabeth Drummond

Walter Harper Parrot Cove Author

Walter Harper
Parrot Cove


Annamaria Windisch Hunt Royal Poinciana

Annamaria Windisch Hunt
Royal Poinciana

Also in Lake Worth 33460  but no photo available at this time are. Doris Bosworth-Bryant Park,  Barbara t. Feeyk-Parrot Cove, Susan g. Fisher -Mango Grove, Frederick Graft-Bryant Park, Luann LaBohn -Parrot Cove ,,Friday Flatt & Dominick Rotindo  – College Park, Marie Scripture – Royal Poinciana,  Karen Manganaro – Tropical Ridge,  Cheryl Stoneberg  – Mango Grove,  Edna Walton – Eden Place, William Willens -Eden Place,  33460 Lake Worth does have the oldest Art League in Palm Beach County and their membership is upwards 160 members,  which includes unincorporated Lake Worth.

Editors note:  At some level this will impact all our Lake Worth artists so you should be in the know and attend.  Open to all Palm Beach Co. artists. 

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