What to look forward to

This weekend for all of us to enjoy start with Thursday evening at the Norton Museum of Art.  5 -9 pm.  Art After Dark .  Admission is FREE till Dec. 2018 yes this is not a typo.comm_web_images_aad_2014_2__2__ehjgtfns1_plchmhwqFriday from now on we can enjoy Evening on the Avenue each and every Friday along with the NAPC tent where you can catch a Scrabble Game and get some Popcorn.  at the drink tent your hosts will be Royal Poinciana this weekend.  They are volunteers raising funds for their neighborhood.  EVENING ON THE AVENUE logo

Saturday get up early and enjoy the cooler mornings and head out to the Green Market for your favorite pastry a cup of java and a relaxing stroll as you check out all the new vendors and visit your favorites. Farmers Market LogoSomething NEW at the Casino Beach Complex  Art Al Fresco from 11 to 7 p.m.  member artists of the Lake Worth Art League will be showcasing their work.  they will be up there two Saturdays per month through our high season. screenshot_20160824-165342

Sunday is always great for watching our sunrise and a plus is Benny’s at the Beach opens at 7 a.m.  so gab a cup of coffee and sit yourself down on the beach and take in and stay in the moment.

Photo by AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt

Photo by AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt

Starting back up the Thursday Night Peddlers are riding on Wednesday evenings.  We meet at the Gulf Stream Hotel,   this is open to everyone young to elderly.  a relaxing ride though some of the loveliest neighborhoods in Lake Worth.  Meet at 6 p.m.   ride 6:30 heading south first along the inter coastal waterway.


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To day is throw back Thursday

dscn3700to many this is not anything but Hurricane Matthew preparedness.  However I have saved these images and now is the best time to share and enjoy and get your mind off the impending storm.  So p1000177P1030035P1000131without further adiou     dscn0638img_20160416_134211307_topdscn1375dscn1406dscn2541dscn2126p1030133dscn2109100_8908 dscn8408 dscn8306 dscn2928Lets remember the good stuff. dscn1451

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We Ride Again

1005195_685752211440074_826328429_nHello Hello Hello  The Thursday Night Peddlers Riding on Wednesday has resumed.  How many riders?  Anywhere from 7 to 35 sometimes more.  Even though some did continue to ride thru our hot summer many of us well.   Now that the weather is cooperating and the snowbird have returned plus new residents looking to meet with our group it is expanding.dscn5832

This is an open non threatening, none spandex leisure ride through some of the loveliest part of our quirky seaside town.  A different person is designated to lead us where they want and we see new parts all the time.   The usual ride heads south first so those coming late can find us once we are north anything goes.  The ride lasts approx 45 minutes and as it is open if we get close to someones home they can wave good by to the rest of us. ” See you next Wednesday”   Just a mention here Wednesday is also Mitche’s $5 burger at the Golf course restaurant.  dscn3462We meet at the Gulf Stream Hotel around sixish and ride at 6:30  Towards the holidays the bikes get lights and decor ready for Caroling.  We are the only Bike Caroling group in the United States.  We also have a spot in the upcoming nigh-time Christmas parade. That is where the above photo was taken.   You do not have to ride each and every Wednesday but know there will always be some of us, so if you have never done this Join Us.  There are no rules but we recommend as it gets darker that you have lights.  You will meet some of the very nicest people in The Thursday Night Peddlers riding group on Wednesday.  See you there.

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En Plein Air in Lake Worth

Plein air in Lake Worth saw artists in our lovely laid back community.  Throughout the past three days artists were spotted with their easels.  They covered our neighborhoods from Royal Poinciana, Downtown Jewel, Tropical Ridge, Mango Grove and of course Parrot Cove.p1030171

The completed art works depict a wide variety of colorful quirky cottages .  The artists courageously endured our tropical Florida heat. This was the 14th International World Wide paint our where En Plein Air painters around the world participated in tandem. Groups gathered in Australia in England to Rio from the Florida Panhandle, to Tampa, to Lake Worth.  The Lake Worth Art League organized this event for our area.   And will again next year for the 15h Annual World Wide paint out.p1030133

One artist was heard to say excitedly that our town was very colorful and extremely paintable. 14264877_10207446437227695_8957758539108522185_n

The cottage owners were all delighted and offered the artists umbrellas, cold drinks, chairs and just out right generous hospitality. Artists were not confined to the comprehensive self guided driving and walking tour map available from our Information Center located at the Cultural Plaza.  Many artist toured the city  prior to selecting the gems that appealed to them most. p1030187

A bi- product was photographers and even a visitor from Miami not here to paint, had a group with her,  she follows me on face book and just wanted to do the walking tour.

Your all invited to the Reception held Saturday Sept. 17, 7-9 pm to meet the artists and view the completed impressionistic renderings of our Lake Worth Cottages.


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Summer Splash everyone had fun

P1030011 P1030012 P1030006 P1030008Every see so many smiling faces.   Great big success thanks to the NAPC who’s Pres. happened to be also the announcer Jon Faust

Jon Faust Pres. of NAPC, announcer, all around great guy

Jon Faust Pres. of NAPC, announcer, all around great guy

with his right hand woman Mary Lindsey.  The pool was managed by our Mermaid Sally Welsh who has made the pool viable once more and here you can see the results in no particular order.  Oh I did borrow a few photos with permission



photo by  Tom Johnson but I will always love mine best of these two.

photo by Tom Johnson but I will always love mine best of these two.

from Tom Johnson they are credited.  You may take these photos and share but remember give credit when you should. These photos on this blogs were taken by AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt, yours truly.  ENJOY

photo by Tom Johnson while I waited patiently underwater

photo by Tom Johnson while I waited patiently underwater



spotted a little mermaid in the revelry under the sea

spotted a little mermaid in the revelry under the sea

Let the competition begin

Let the competition begin


thru the inner tube lens

thru the inner tube lens


a big no giant floater in the pool courtesy of Little Mermaids mom

a big no giant floater in the pool courtesy of Little Mermaid’s mom


this was a direct hit , bullseye


bulls eye, direct hit

bulls eye, direct hit


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Diner en blanc

Diner en blanc,  8 photos  from, Yes,  Diner en blanc Lake Worth  we missed one year but this year it is just around the corner. Get the Buzz going.  Been told how to have it, where to have it, It does not work that way.  It is about friends, inviting friends, about wearing white and the location is a secret but let me assure you it is fabulous.  The cost free  donations  accepted covers location, publicity.  You bring the food, you bring the table ware you bring what you want. These are just some of the photos from last time.  Good memories, good people.  If you wish to make advance plans regarding not cooking but ordering we will give you a heads up a day or so in advance.   Please send your request for more information to Lakewortharts@gmail.com  yours truly. use the heading “DSCN0715 DSCN0703 DSCN0667 DSCN0649DSCN0695 DSCN0693

cold Cherry soup

cold Cherry soup

DSCN0664”  It would be nice to have a preliminary count.  Blanc means White not yellow not speckled.


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Teachers reward

My intentions are to record all the cool things that happen just about every day here in paradise. Yesterday was just one of those moments.   Had I my IPad with, I would have shared immediately, such was my delight. FullSizeRender 3 This Lake Worth every minute took place at our Post Office.  I had to post quite a few letters and of course they were artsy.   I always go to the same window even if I have to wait.  So with a smile the post mistress looks and returns my smile and she says.  “Oh  I just got one of those decorated envelopes, it was really cool.” ” Just a half hour ago”.  “Here let me show you”  She brings it out and from far away I can already see that this one is spectacular.  She flips it around and I notice it has my name on it.  “Thats for me!”  actually it was for the Lake Worth Art League Mail Art CALL (had my name on it also.) FullSizeRender 2

Wow I thought she was my student  from last weeks  Adult Art Camp. We covered the history of Mail Art starting with Cleopatra,  to the mail art  available at MOMA to our own small collection at the Lake Worth Historical Museum that was done for our Centennial.  This was truly a lesson that took.FullSizeRender  And what a great way to have that gift of learning be recognized so immediately .  Thank You Bunny.  She is a new resident to Parrot Cove and a fiber artist who recently joined the LWAL.   IMG_1597 The Adult Art Camp continues this week with Lynne Pittard who is a recognized syndicated TV art instructor.  Her class will have hand outs and lots of Tips and Tricks for us.  Classes are from 6:30 to 8 p.m.  Thursdays and we recommend if your attending please call in to register by this evening 7 p.m. .  561 586 8666.  LWAL is at 604 Lucerne Ave.

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